So, what’s a ‘zine, anyway (and what does it have to do with Webcomics)?

Last week when we looked at the Eisner nominations on the podcast and the blog, we noted that one of the webcomics presented was very different in both style and content: The Contradictions by Sophie Yanow.

The Contradictions by Sophie Yanow, episode #24

In the blog last week, we said Yanow’s comic was more reminiscent of an “e-Zine” than a ‘traditional’ webcomic. But what on earth does that even mean?! Today, dear Digital Strippers, we’re going back up the branches of the webcomic family tree and looking at the wild and wonderful world… of Zines.

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An App(arition) for Modern Horror

Happy… *checks calendar* What? November?! When did this happen?

Oh, right – I’ve been lost in the all-consuming vortex which is Tales of the Unusual by Seongdae Oh.

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What’s in a (spooky) name?

We’re back!

And just in time, too – with October winding down, we’re getting closer and closer to that time of year where Webcomics and their creators take on the dark powers of the night to theme all webcomic things Halloween.

In fact, if you’re on Twitter, you might already have noticed one of the October trends that have remained part of the webcomics landscape since the practice began back in 2013: Halloween-themed name changes.

It didn’t take long for the trend, which started across various writer and celebrity accounts in the first week of October 2013 then gained popularity following the #SpookyCelebs game on that year’s All Hallow’s Eve, to spread into the Webcomics community. Creators such as Jeph Jacques and David Malki jumped in early (and are still in the game) and were joined by a growing host of others that have continued to make Webcomic Twitter a spooky place each October.

Whilst the practice still spreads across a number of other Twitter communities – such as the aforementioned writers and celebrities – Webcomics have the distinct advantage of their art to help differentiate their changes from others’. Many creators have taken to updating not only their names for October but also their profile pictures and colour themes to give off just the right spoooooky vibes!

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The End of Something Wonderful

Clicking through the world of webcomics any time since 2006 there has been one small bit of text, so omnipresent that you might not even have noticed it, that has been with you as surely as the pixels on the screen translating colour and shape into humour and drama:

These nine words (plus a price tag) have been the staple of every self-respecting cartoonist or comic artist who’ve placed their work on the web (and even some of the not-so-self-respecting ones). However, an announcement by Project Wonderful creator Ryan North on June 11 2018 that the service was shutting down for good has brought this experiment in independent advertising and democratisation of ad revenue to a close.

So if you only know of the service as someone seeing the ads, what even was Project Wonderful – and what made it so different to the other advertising options out there? Today, we’re looking back on the service, what it promised, and what it means for webcomic creators to see the service go extinct.

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Digital Strips Episode 491: I Ain’t Your Father

After pondering the consistency and look of robot … oil, the guys set to talking about many, many webcomics! Full Plate (Google Play) is another motion comic to check out, Hejibits, Mrs. Frollein, and Robospunk represent various aspects of the single-shot comic format, and A Fire Story tells a poignant, educational story about living through the true life horror of an out-of-control wildfire.


Digital Strips 326 – Review: Battle Pug

Before we get too far into setting up the show, I’m going to warn you that Jason came in uber quite on the recording. It should be fine post edit, but if not, I did what I could and cranked that D-bag as high as he would go.

We go form zero to nerdy in record time as we delve into our limited knowlege of Shazam, one of those iconic DC chacacters that everyone knows, but no one knows anything about. Then Jason shows off how willing to play videos games his wife is and then lies about being brief wrapps it up by hitting us with the wierdest sexism ever.

Jason presents his comic, Our Adventure Continues, a comic about – and I quote – “Whatever the hell they want it to be about.” Techically, that’s what all comics are about, but try explaining that to Sigler.

Steve then gets Internet metaphysical with his pick Trekker. It’s sci-fi. It’s pulp. It’s noire. I wouldn’t get too hung up on the details. We do however and that leads us to again talk about what are webcomics, without deciding anything.

We touch on the latest Penny Arcade Scandel but not much, becuase it’s stupid. We don’t touch stupid things. We don’t want to get the stupid on us.

This week’s Rambletron is a bit a throw back. We talk abou the man you haven’t thought about for years, Mr. Baseball himself, Tom Selleck. Look him up kiddos. Just soak in the Selleck.

We get into Battle Pug, one Steve has been following since almost day one. We talk about the unspoken rules of being a barbarian. How to do a narrator side story properly. What fantasy tropes are beyond cliche at this point and what more do you need from a comic called Battle Pug than a pug who battles?

Show Notes:
Skull Kickers
Street Fighter Comic


Digital Strips Podcast 312 – Review – All New Issues

We have a new rival here at Digital Strips and we don’t even know their names. We found a podcast older than us and we just don’t like them.

This week, Jason brings to the table All New Issues, a comic that strikes a little too close to home in some ways and not at all in others. We talk about how much it reminds us of other comics and how in this case, that’s a good thing.

We also talk about our mysterious patron, little ways you at home can change the world by hugging garbage, why litter is horrible, why Gallager is not as horrible as you may think, why Jason can’t pronouce the name of this show, Steve gives tax advice and Jason turns around and gives career advice to Pat Bennatar.

Play at home game: count how many euthinism Steve has (Note – I’m editing this post for typos and I can’t figure out what Steve meant here, so “euthinism” stands – Jason).

Always remember: We’re a podcast. People don’t listen to me, we’re in trouble.

Show Notes, I’ll have links up later in the day.
Table Titans
Kiwi Blitz
Order of the Stick
Sidekick Quests
The Untold Tales of Bigfoot
The Abomiable Charles Christopher
Monster Pulse
Girls with Slingshots
Looking for Group
The Rack


Digital Strips Podcast 307 – Year in Review 2012

Beyond the fact we’ve overcome our fear of vacuum cleaners what sets us apart form the animals is the fact that we, as a species, have traditions. Doing the same thing over and over every year just because you did it last year is the opposable thumbs of society.

One of the greatest of these traditions is the year end review show right here on Digital Strips where we take a look back at the year in web comics as it directly relates to us.

This year we discuss how Jason can’t feel the holiday spirit because he’s too busy thinking about Frosty the Snowman’s mental state. We learn that Steve thinkings everthing is a test. We learn Jason doesn’t read the things he’s reading

Horizons Watch notables:
Alpha Flag
Unicorn Soup
Shiver Berueu
Zen Pencils
Monster Kind
Disappointing Monsters
Space Mullet

Jason’s Pick: Zen Pencils – it makes him feel like crap but he likes the abuse. Maybe all he needs is a little encouragement.

Steve’s Pick: Unicon Soup – It’s just like him, and he likes it because of that. Yeah he’s kinda shallow like that.

Rambletron classic – #1 Steve discusses his hygiene issues and his proud family heritage.

Next Town Over
Anyone for Rhubarb
Blue Yonder
Kiwi Blitz
Rock Manlyfist
Little League
Nightmare Pro wrestling
Lake Nowhere

Steve’s Pick: Anyone for Rhubarb – just as unique as the fruit (vegetable?) it’s named after it brings the funny and actually puts said funny in his RSS feed where he can easily access it at work.

Jason’s Pick: Rock Manlyfist – his a little ashamed of his own pick as well he should be of a comic that involves boning a country to keep your head from exploding.

Rambletron classic – #2 Remember that time Steve’s kid pooped at church? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

Repitilis Rex
Battle pug

Steve’s Pick: Bug– Steve loves bug, and he doesn’t care how that sounds

Jason’s Pick: The Trenches – he doesn’t know who draws it but he loves it anyway, go figure art boy.

That’s it for this year, see ya’ll in 2013.


Digital Strips Podcast 306 – Horizons Watch – Disappointing Monsters and Space Mullet

With the end of the year looming over us like some sort of freaky cartoon owl, we realized we’ve been very negligent of out Horizon Watching responsibilities.

So we’re going out in style with two more brand new comics. Or brand new to us anyway, and hopefully for you too. We start out in the horror comedy end of the spectrum with Disappointing Monsters, a gag-a-rific look at zombies, Chathulu and David Lynch. We then jump into pure sci-fi with Space Mullet, easily my winner for best new comic name of 2012.

We also do what everyone has used the internet since Al gore crapped HTTP out his butt, talked about funny videos we’ve seen. Which leads into the most cultural conversation we’ve had in months. Don’t worry, we end up talking about Rob Schieder pretty soon after so it evens out.

We have another instantly regrettable musical numbers Digital Strips is so famous for.

We talk about what we’ve been reading and how apparently Jason’s been reading every comic he’s ever heard of. We talk about proper attribution and proper not stealing peoples stuff-ness and about how Mark Zuckerberg is responsible for so much evil.

Finally we solve the world’s capcha problem. You’re welcome.

Show Notes:
Animals being dicks 2:45
Next Town Over 6:45
Blue Yonder 7:00
The Trouble and Dangerous 7:15
Broodhollow 8:45
Skull shaped Heart 9:45
I am Arg 24:15
Shiver Bureau 27:00

Music thanks to Zoned