DS 742: Review of Fantomestein

A shot from the movie Young Frankenstein, featuring, from left to right, Teri Garr as Inga, Marty Feldman as Igor, and Gene Wilder as Dr. Frankenstein

We make hilarious fire-based puns, tell the difference between a phantom and a monster, swap identities too many times to keep track, and start a new movement for NotAllParisians with our review of Beka Duke’s Fantomestein in this monstrously-emotional episode of Digital Strips!

We’re also announcing an indefinite hiatus, but stay subscribed to the podcast for any updates when and if they come!


DS 741: Review of Talon Hunters

A panel from the webcomic, Talon Hunters, by Selena Ahmed (Serpyra)

We ignore the ever-present MacGuffin, question if anyone still watches their cartoons on Saturday mornings, navigate the expansive white space, shapeshift into some mutha-frickin’ dragons, wyverns, drakes, and raptors with our review of Selena Ahmed’s Talon Hunters in this fiery episode of Digital Strips!


DS 740: Review of Demon’s Mirror

Oblina, Krumm, and Ickis (pictured left to right) from the Nickelodeon cartoon, Aaaah! Real Monsters

We discuss the designation of bases, decide which is more inept, humans or demons, wonder how awesome it would be under the thumb of a hot, murderous demon witch, reminisce of Buffy episodes long past, and run down our personal preferences of line work with our review of Harry Bogosian’s Demon’s Mirror in this mirror-bombing episode of Digital Strips!


DS 739: Review of The 3rd Voice

A series of panels from Evan Dahm's The 3rd Voice, in which Spondule finds a cool helmet.

We celebrate the latest from a venerated comics creator, determine the characteristics of cleaning fluids, glean what we can from a foreign land, question the phallus as a trope, and check our rifles one more time with our tank-searching review of Evan Dahm’s The 3rd Voice in this regent-defying episode of Digital Strips!


DS 738: Review of The Messenger

A panel from the webcomic, The Messenger

We take our time preparing the meal, inquire about the effects of fantasy fibromyalgia, ask if our teddy bears will make a sufficient sacrifice, agree that this story needs more genie of the lamp energy, and question if stealing a cake can really help that much with our realm-traversing review of Indui and Isa’s The Messenger in this dragon-riding episode of Digital Strips!


DS 737: Review of Tropicana Realms

Jolene Espinoza and Mars Holliday get cozy in the backseat in the comic, Tropicana Realms, by HostileCrocodile

We take a badly-motivated road trip, execute a revenge-fueled prison break, ride-or-die without seat belts, share our full names, and get by solely on VIBES with our psychically-linked review of HostileCrocodile’s Tropicana Realms in this synthwave-charged episode of Digital Strips!


DS 736: Review of Greetings from Grisley

Peter Parker (Earth-200515) as drawn by Jim Mahfood

We view some prairie-dogging rubies, discuss what it means to be super-orphaned, go out in search of the truly hilarious jokes, fight inanimate objects while inebriated, and get to the anal jokes from a unique perspective with our eternally consternated review of Ghosthause’s Greetings from Grisley in this horrifically hilarious episode of Digital Strips!


DS 735: Review of Nonesuch

Danny Kaye poses with other dancers during the performance of "Choreography" from the movie, White Christmas

We crosstalk, clone ourselves like it’s going out of style, think we’ve got this all figured out on our own, protect the increasingly lethargic dog, and turn arms into hams with our surprisingly delicious review of Nonesuch in this dangerously religious episode of Digital Strips!


DS 733: Review of Forgotten Sons

Alan Rickman takes a painful loss as the Sheriff of Nottingham in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

We share news about KC Green’s next moves in the webcomics space, update our thoughts on Godslave with a new segment, and then we enjoy subjugating a people, pull our punches, and ask how the bad guys could possibly be more evil in our politically-maneuvered review of Carolina Alvarez’s Forgotten Sons in this sibling-rivaled episode of Digital Strips!