DS 667: Offkey Comics

The subject of Brittany Keyes’ mostly-journal comic, Offkey Comics, is her dog. He’s a cute, good boy, as many dogs are, but it’s when Brittany shines a light on the rest of her life, as well as her skills outside of a digital drawing tablet, that this offering truly excels. Regardless of your tastes, that brings something for everyone to love in this cute, loosely-drawn slice of life comic. We also have news via the fine folks at Fleen about the upcoming Clementine spin-off from The Walking Dead, being created/adapted solely by On a Sunbeam‘s Tillie Walden.


DS 666: Papercut

Michael Scott from The Office

Is Papercut by Sony-Shock a sweet, fun comic about a precocious workaholic robot? Or is it a darker take on the dangers of communism and a cautionary tale for the proletariat? Who says it can’t be both? Hear our thoughts on the cutest narc you’ve ever met, including the fanfic where Paper and Michael Scott meet that Jason is hard at work on. Then, take a break (short, we’re still at work) and read it for yourself!


DS 665: Not Even Bones

Not Even Bones by Rebecca Schaeffer, Glamist, and Alai Cinereo is a comic about trust, mistrust, betrayal, and child trafficking, all told through a YA fantasy lens. It’s got monsters (unnaturals, so no one’s feelings are hurt), love, and enough parent/child relationship issues to fill an afternoon special. Our mileage, as with all things YA, varied, but you should definitely give it a look.


DS 664: Litterbox Comics

Panel from Litterbox Comics by Chesca and J Hause

If you want parenting advice, life hacks, and how-tos … you’ve come to the wrong place. If you want hilarious extrapolations of millennial cats raising little ones the best way they know how, however, Litterbox Comics by Chesca and J. Hause will have you enthralled with lots of laughs and parental horror in equal measure. Take your pick how you read it (Webtoons, Tapas, home site), but catch up and then add this regular dose of joy to your routine.


DS 663: Keinani and Mo’O

Tom Hanks in Castaway

What would you do if you were stranded on a deserted island? What if you were hot? What if a large lizard were also there? Doug Compton attempts to answer these questions, all with a cheeky, horny sense of humor in Keinani and Mo’O. Though we could do without some of the guest stars (it started in 2017, so He Who Shall Be Shamed makes several appearances), the comic is almost always a party and one you’ll want to be invited to.


DS 662: Soul to Call

Avril Lavigne giving a Too Sweet gesture to the camera
Avril Lavigne Mattias Barda Photoshoot 2002

If you think about it, an apocalypse would probably breed a lot of emo angst into younger people. That’s what Katherine Lang’s Soul to Call posits, and Avril and Eli represent different facets of one emo soul. It’s not until an older authority figure comes in that the guys feel they can connect with a character. So it goes in a story intended for YA audiences, but one you should definitely see and read for yourself.


DS 661: The Pirate Checklist

It’s the pirate life for me, yes ’tis! Sailin’ with my buddies across the blue sky, enjoyin’ some ale, and singin’ some tunes, that’s the pirate life for Alynne and Gruff, with not a care in the world about the other, more sordid details that the life of a true scoundrel contains. The Pirate Checklist is Ashley Reed’s optimistically cute take on a lifestyle that seems to be all fun and games and this comic is often just that. Set sail and for god’s sake, don’t kill anyone!


DS 660: Brothers Bond

An x-ray image of lungs and the heart

Yoshi did a bad thing and his self-imposed exile from the birthright of his kingdom will lead to horrible consequences for pretty much everyone he knows in Brothers Bond. But when you’re rich and famous, you can run away whenever you want and everything will end up ok, right? Right? Hear our divided thoughts on the tropes at play in this fun tale (as well as a bonus story from Jason about the time he ran away from home) and then read it for yourself!


DS 659: Frankie Fearless

Peter Griffin from Family Guy talks on the local news about what Grinds His Gears

This episode is full of non-standard and more modern ways of reading comics. We check in on Evan Dahm’s first foray into Webtoons with his reposting of Vattu, DC Comics’ first Webtoon in Batman: Wayne Family Adventures, and Scott Kurtz gets a double exposure as we look at his short collaboration on Superman with Karl Kerschl as well as the comic that has temporarily taken the place of PvP, the cathartic Mort. Even after all of that, we still have time to get weird and geeky with Frankie Fearless, available only on Tinyview!


DS 658: Awful Hospital

A disgusting, troubling scene from Jonathan Wojcik's Awful Hospital.

Jason took a quick look at Marvel’s stab at a Webtoons-formatted comic with a couple of their Infinity Comics, where he found mixed success with the layout but plenty of entertainment value. The guys also review Awful Hospital, a fan’s choice-based comic that is truly awful in the best ways possible. Jonathan Wojcik has weaved an Alice in Wonderland-like tale through a slimy, grimy looking glass that never ceases to amaze and terrify in equal measure.