DS 724: Review of Runa

Indiana Jones tosses a Nazi from a blimp in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

We relish simple titles, run from swords, get welcomed to the fungal jungle, and strap in for high-octane action with our left behind review of Patricia Pamula, Dane Rahlmeyer, and Noah Whyler’s Runa in this beastly episode of Digital Strips!


DS 723: Review of Wychwood

A record single of "Witchy Woman" by The Eagles

We coin a new YAAF genre, accidentally mix code with our magic, pitch a Felix and Lizard buddy comedy, and develop chosen one Stockholm Syndrome with our technologically-magical review of Varethane’s Wychwood in this wychy episode of Digital Strips!


DS 722: Review of Evelyne and the Occult

Mr. Magoo and Frankenstein's monster pose with a mini toy of the monster

We make Scooby-Doo a chosen one, get legit terrified by some frightening sights, question all of the forced road trips, and dissect the digestive system of a demon with our review of InksOwl Comics’ Evelyne and the Occult in this perpetually-cursed episode of Digital Strips, babe!


DS 721: Review of Electric Bones

Picture of kale in a bowl with a fork

We reject the family name, accept the family money, avoid talking about the card game, and live solely to bone a bot with our review of Hazel and Bell’s Electric Bones in this increasingly horny episode of Digital Strips!


DS 720: Review of Emmy the Robot

George and Rosey from The Jetsons

We welcome a robot into the family, get things wrong about the future, revel in our obsolescence, and question our humanity through Dominic Cellini’s Emmy the Robot in this week’s regularly-malfunctioning episode of Digital Strips!


DS 719: Review of Immaterial

Ross is showered with sugar packets while going through his recently-deceased grandmother's closet on the TV show, Friends

We check out news from Kendra Phillips and Nathan Stevenson before fearing the holes we might really be into, Marie Kondoing the heck out of our lives, showing stoicism in the face of abject weirdness, and drawing the most beautiful junk you’ve ever seen with Immaterial by Sarah Ellerton in this week’s ferret-led episode of Digital Strips!


DS 718: Review of Shot and Chaser

Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt feature in an image based on the film, Twister, which also shows a cow being flung by the titular villain

We run down news from Alex Norris, Jack McGee, and Evan Dahm before hopping in our station wagon and chasing both storms and our biggest fears away in the promising horizons of Shot and Chaser, in this week’s calm-before-the-storm episode of Digital Strips!


DS 717: Review of Lessons in Mythology

Arnold Schwarzenegger flexes his muscles as the titular lead in Hercules in New York

We smugly eat all of our enemies, take time to do our own research, focus on the history and stick to the basics on the artwork, and wonder when the coffee table book version will hit with our gruesomely informative review of Pudge’s Lessons in Mythology in this week’s episode of Digital Strips!


DS 716: Review of Toothy BJ

A cassette tape of Bob the Builder singing Lou Bega's chart-topping hit, Mambo Number 5.

We don’t ask to eat your bones, assume all the jokes are dirty ones, start reruns without telling anyone, and decide if Mambo No. 5 ever really deserved a follow-up with our appropriately rude review of Toothy’s Toothy BJ in this week’s episode of the first, and best, webcomics podcast on the planet, Digital Strips!


DS 715: Review of Finding Fiends

The Great North on FOX

We hit cryptids with our car, ask Ron Funches to voice a character or two, wish our friendship was like Agents Hawk and Owl, and groan at some of the more sitcom-y jokes with our uncomfortably tasty review of LizardxLizard’s Finding Fiends in this week’s episode of Digital Strips!