DS 659: Frankie Fearless

Peter Griffin from Family Guy talks on the local news about what Grinds His Gears

This episode is full of non-standard and more modern ways of reading comics. We check in on Evan Dahm’s first foray into Webtoons with his reposting of Vattu, DC Comics’ first Webtoon in Batman: Wayne Family Adventures, and Scott Kurtz gets a double exposure as we look at his short collaboration on Superman with Karl Kerschl as well as the comic that has temporarily taken the place of PvP, the cathartic Mort. Even after all of that, we still have time to get weird and geeky with Frankie Fearless, available only on Tinyview!


DS 658: Awful Hospital

A disgusting, troubling scene from Jonathan Wojcik's Awful Hospital.

Jason took a quick look at Marvel’s stab at a Webtoons-formatted comic with a couple of their Infinity Comics, where he found mixed success with the layout but plenty of entertainment value. The guys also review Awful Hospital, a fan’s choice-based comic that is truly awful in the best ways possible. Jonathan Wojcik has weaved an Alice in Wonderland-like tale through a slimy, grimy looking glass that never ceases to amaze and terrify in equal measure.


DS 657: By The Book

We’ve all been there: school is going okay, but it could be better. Your friends have your back and everything is looking up, even though your mentor is haunted by thugs who want him dead. Then, he’s murdered and the whole town, school included, is razed to the ground. So you befriend a simple bugbear and set out to find the truth. Right? Creator Kanekuo takes that premise and crafts a unique, detailed world in By The Book. Catch up with it while it’s relatively young and listen to our scorching take.


DS 656: Hooves of Death

Though zombie fiction continues to be an over-saturated portion of the entertainment industry, Hooves of Death by Sam Bragg is the first one we can think of that introduces unicorns and other fantastical being into the mix. There are relationships, there are betrayals, and there are horsemen of the apocalypse who apparently got lost on the way home. Hear our thoughts on this fun, harrowing tale and then be sure to check it out on Webtoons for yourself!

Editors’s note: We erroneously misgendered Sam in this show and we are sincerely sorry for the error. Sam is a female creator and our error in stating otherwise is a regrettable one.


DS 655: Nerd and Jock

At the end of the day, and near the end of the world, all of life comes down to nerds and jocks. Creator Marko Raassina knew this and based his comic, Nerd and Jock, on the yin and yang of the universal balance between the two iconic archetypes. In this story, however, the two live in harmony and exist only to resolve and complete one another. It’s cute, it’s funny, and it’s the friendship we should all strive for.


DS 654: Ozzie the Vampire

Ozzie’s not like other vampires: she only drains demons because she’s kinda fond of humans (certain ones, at least) and she really just wants to hang with her friends rather than fight the horde of otherworldly invaders constantly plaguing New Jersey. Eric Lide takes the millennial malaise and cranks it up for some hilarious characters and mind-blowing fights in Ozzie the Vampire, a raucous, fun comic you can really sink your teeth into!


DS 653: Oi! Tales of Bardic Fury

Britney Spears holds a python in her infamous VMA performance of "Slave 4 You"

Bryan is a traveling bard who is bad at his job. Servius is a slave who is better at that job. Rhiannon is a selkie girl looking for love and approval from her townsfolk. Aideen, her sister, loves a good fight and excels at hurling. Their dad, King Star Seal, is often high and gets lost at sea on the reg. If that cast of misfits and screw-ups don’t make you want to read Oi! Tales of Bardic Fury by Daniel de Sosa, what would?


DS 652: Murrz

Murrz by Murrz is a journal comic like many others, full of joyful yearnings after pointless pursuits and enough Internet speak to interrupt your cat’s poo-powered mind control. Hidden in the many updates of this kind, however, are more personal stories about the creator’s family that will bring you that much closer to understanding and empathizing with another person’s life in a way that other mediums just can’t touch.


DS 651: Miss Melee

Can Miss Melee truly have it all: a loving family, the career of her dreams, and a superhero life that would make Bruce Wayne jealous? In this comic by Rob Johnson and Ariel Guadalupe, the titular character is lucky enough to have a husband that adores her and a daughter that wants to be her, but unlucky that her boss is secretly the big bad. Does that work out in the end? Listen to our review and then read it for yourself, true believer!


DS 650: BaDoom

Everything about this week’s comic, BaDoom by Sirk!, just screams life and excitement. Even the name is exciting! Journey the wasteland with our intrepid screw-ups, enjoy a Michael Jackson pun or two, and try to figure out just what the heck those worms are infected with. This story is fun, it’s action-packed, and it’s not safe to breathe in, so get that mask back on and join us!