Sponsor Digital Strips

Our little site has come a long way since it’s beginnings on blogger. It took a year for us to move off the free hosting site but when we did we introduced advertising on the site that managed to support us despite being exclusive to webcomics. With the changing times we adjusted and used Project Wonderful for awhile.¬†Although it was not as lucrative as our early attempts it was definitely a whole easier. Managing advertising kind of sucks. They reinvented advertising by giving us the power to choose what ads appeared on our site.

We moved on yet again back in 2012 when Jason and Steve took over managing most of the site. They collectively made the decision to eliminate advertising altogether and the site has been ad free ever since. From an editor point of view this made life extremely easy for me. The only work left for me to do was the occasional site updates and checking in on the podcast.

Two years later it occurs to me that perhaps people might want to support us out of the goodness of their hearts. From an owner perspective it costs about $50 a month to run this site what with libsyn, dreamhost, and the modest donations I give my two champions. If anyone would like to support us with more then just clicks or the 20,000 podcast downloads per month we are going to start offering donations buttons below. These will not be available on the main site so as to keep it clutter free.

Thank you!