DS 717: Review of Lessons in Mythology

Arnold Schwarzenegger flexes his muscles as the titular lead in Hercules in New York

We smugly eat all of our enemies, take time to do our own research, focus on the history and stick to the basics on the artwork, and wonder when the coffee table book version will hit with our gruesomely informative review of Pudge’s Lessons in Mythology in this week’s episode of Digital Strips!


DS 716: Review of Toothy BJ

A cassette tape of Bob the Builder singing Lou Bega's chart-topping hit, Mambo Number 5.

We don’t ask to eat your bones, assume all the jokes are dirty ones, start reruns without telling anyone, and decide if Mambo No. 5 ever really deserved a follow-up with our appropriately rude review of Toothy’s Toothy BJ in this week’s episode of the first, and best, webcomics podcast on the planet, Digital Strips!


DS 715: Review of Finding Fiends

The Great North on FOX

We hit cryptids with our car, ask Ron Funches to voice a character or two, wish our friendship was like Agents Hawk and Owl, and groan at some of the more sitcom-y jokes with our uncomfortably tasty review of LizardxLizard’s Finding Fiends in this week’s episode of Digital Strips!


DS 714: Review of Phantomland

Vincent Schiavelli from the movie, "Ghost"

We hang out with a certain type of ghost, berate our new trainee into nearly quitting, and admit it’s really just all about Jon in our brooding, law-breaking review of Maaria Laurinen’s Phantomland in this episode of Digital Strips!


DS 709: Review of Keep Busy

The cover to the book, Drawing the Head & Hands by Andrew Loomis

We find ourselves through self-loathing and aggravations, grow complacent towards our own creations, find paperwork to actually be quite the saucy little thing, and endure the slow, ever-increasing mental pain of a menacing cat statue with our insider’s review of Lars Helgemo’s Keep Busy in this episode of Digital Strips!


DS 708: Review of Crunchy Bunches

The spokesperson for Malt-o-Meal cereals walks the bottom row of the aisle to find better value in breakfast options

We crave yeti-on-ancestor violence, enjoy some mascot homages, watch our heroes get cathartic and eat our cereal every morning to get just slightly better at sports with our never-soggy-in-milk review of Scott Warren’s Crunchy Bunches in this episode of Digital Strips!