DS 731: Review of Time and Time Again

"The Hole Idea", an episode of the Looney Tunes cartoon

We give the timecops a hard time, question time, space, and time and space, wait on our next fateful hole to arrive, ponder if AI is coming up with this genre stuff, and ask what’s waiting for us at the top of that pine tree in our destiny-challenged review of Time and Time Again by Deo I. in this time-travailing episode of Digital Strips!


DS 730: Review of Pia and the Little Tiny Things

Joey from FRIENDS attempts to speak French and does so poorly; the words "Je de floop flee" are displayed over the image

We mispronounce all the French things, lean way into cottage-core, get curious about moth farts, and represent our thoughts and emotions creatively and with illustration with our reclusively-ponderous review of Clover’s Pia and the Little Tiny Things in this uplifting episode of Digital Strips!


DS 729: Review of Cat Teacher

Dark Claw, an amalgamation of superheroes Wolverine and Batman from Marvel and DC Comics, respectively

We spy on our students, strike a sexy pose, feud with a rabbit for teaching rights, get hungry for a savory Murito, and struggle to get over ourselves with our bush-hidin’ review of Cat Teacher by Paulina Palacios in this woefully-uneducated episode of Digital Strips!

UPDATE: Steve is correct that Clover has also created the comic, Go Get a Roomie, but we’ve also reviewed another of their works with our review last year of Headless Bliss. Go read it all, such great stuff!


DS 728: Review of Kamikaze

Carl Lumbly as M.A.N.T.I.S. from the television show of the same name

We debate the inspiration for a dystopian cyber future, thank the creator that we’ve never been folded in on ourselves, wait for the hero to arrive, and seek justice for Link with our gig economy-fueled review of Kamikaze by Carrie and Alan Tupper in this accidentally-explosive episode of Digital Strips!


DS 727: Review of Witch Heart

Turk carries JD on his back in the classic eagle formation from the TV show, Scrubs

We slack on our grades, ride our friends (but not like that), prove that humans are just as capable of magic as anyone else, and engage in an epic throwdown for the ages with our strategically-paced review of William Roth’s Witch Heart in this verbosely-expositioned episode of Digital Strips!


DS 726: Review of Harpy Gee

Madonna in music video for her hit single, "Vogue"

We grow less gruff, declare that we’re proud to be Dumm, strike some serious poses, attend a party we didn’t want to go to anyways, and give an obscure nod to Idaho with our sweetly bitter review of Brianne Drouhard’s Harpy Gee in this cat vomit-covered episode of Digital Strips!


DS 725: Review of Honestly Not a Robot

Carl Weathers instructs Tobias Funke (played by David Cross) on how to get a stew going

We recall retail horror stories, update our earliest artwork, wait for the story to start, and worry that we’ve time traveled with our in-stock review of Emma Thatcher’s Honestly Not a Robot in this price-checked episode of Digital Strips!


DS 724: Review of Runa

Indiana Jones tosses a Nazi from a blimp in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

We relish simple titles, run from swords, get welcomed to the fungal jungle, and strap in for high-octane action with our left behind review of Patricia Pamula, Dane Rahlmeyer, and Noah Whyler’s Runa in this beastly episode of Digital Strips!


DS 723: Review of Wychwood

A record single of "Witchy Woman" by The Eagles

We coin a new YAAF genre, accidentally mix code with our magic, pitch a Felix and Lizard buddy comedy, and develop chosen one Stockholm Syndrome with our technologically-magical review of Varethane’s Wychwood in this wychy episode of Digital Strips!


DS 722: Review of Evelyne and the Occult

Mr. Magoo and Frankenstein's monster pose with a mini toy of the monster

We make Scooby-Doo a chosen one, get legit terrified by some frightening sights, question all of the forced road trips, and dissect the digestive system of a demon with our review of InksOwl Comics’ Evelyne and the Occult in this perpetually-cursed episode of Digital Strips, babe!