Digital Strips 412 Ligers, Gators and Pedofiles Oh My

white gator

Skeletor’s Balls, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted the podcast. So to reward you fine folks I’m giving you one of the most fun episodes in recent memory. We talk about crazy animal horders, people who have our names as well as bad places to find ticks and worse things you can find in the sand. We get some comics in to. We get submerged by Aqaupunk,enchanted by Pepper and Carrot, entralled by Books of Adam and totally derailed by Campfire Stories. We end up with the most serious discussion that we’ve ever had about linguistics and butts. Join us please.


A scary explaination

Alright everybody, huddle up and take a knee.

It’s time we have a talk. No, Jason and I aren’t getting a divorce and your grandma is fine. It’s neither of those talks. We’re gonna talk about where babies come from.

I’m sure you’ve noticed two weeks have come and gone without our special brand of Internet chicanery, and I think you deserve to know why. It’s mostly because the universe has decided it’s high time I learn a lesson. I’ve been an avid listener of podcasts for just about a decade now. I still think it’s the best form of entertainment out there.

Through the years, many of my favorite shows have taken unannounced hiatuses stating the reason to be the dreaded “computer problems.” My being the self-entitled twerp that we all are, thought that those unprofessional dickwads should just pony up the cash and get a new whatever as soon as it broke in the first place. Didn’t they know I was waiting for a new episode?

Well Kharma as officially finally bit me, square in the fruit basket. The computer that I use to record on has given up the digital ghost and with my wife and I expecting our second child here and day now, I can’t afford to run off and buy a new one.

Hopefully I’ll be able to rectify this soon. In the mean time, go back and enjoy some old episodes, listen to the Rambletrons on SoundCloud or Grooveshark. And go find us some new comics. I’m going to be up to my butt in diapers and need a distraction that I can do while holding an infant in one arm.

Thanks for your patience guys. We’ll have some filler content on the site and will get back to business as soon as we can.


Digital Strips 326 – Review: Battle Pug

Before we get too far into setting up the show, I’m going to warn you that Jason came in uber quite on the recording. It should be fine post edit, but if not, I did what I could and cranked that D-bag as high as he would go.

We go form zero to nerdy in record time as we delve into our limited knowlege of Shazam, one of those iconic DC chacacters that everyone knows, but no one knows anything about. Then Jason shows off how willing to play videos games his wife is and then lies about being brief wrapps it up by hitting us with the wierdest sexism ever.

Jason presents his comic, Our Adventure Continues, a comic about – and I quote – “Whatever the hell they want it to be about.” Techically, that’s what all comics are about, but try explaining that to Sigler.

Steve then gets Internet metaphysical with his pick Trekker. It’s sci-fi. It’s pulp. It’s noire. I wouldn’t get too hung up on the details. We do however and that leads us to again talk about what are webcomics, without deciding anything.

We touch on the latest Penny Arcade Scandel but not much, becuase it’s stupid. We don’t touch stupid things. We don’t want to get the stupid on us.

This week’s Rambletron is a bit a throw back. We talk abou the man you haven’t thought about for years, Mr. Baseball himself, Tom Selleck. Look him up kiddos. Just soak in the Selleck.

We get into Battle Pug, one Steve has been following since almost day one. We talk about the unspoken rules of being a barbarian. How to do a narrator side story properly. What fantasy tropes are beyond cliche at this point and what more do you need from a comic called Battle Pug than a pug who battles?

Show Notes:
Skull Kickers
Street Fighter Comic


Digital Strips Podcast 324 – Review: Paranatural

This week we’re looking at Paranatural, the best comic featuring a magic plunger that we’ve ever read.

We start out this week on the one thing people expect from us and no other podcast, four minutes of sports talk, spawned by an Iron Man reference. We learn Steve’s opinion on school fight songs and processed lunch meats.

Then we do some simple talk about the new Xbox and why naming this is dumb, Jason’s idea for someone to make a crapload of money, and he admits most things he does make him feel sad about his life.

Jason also finds a new source of comics and in doing so has found several new ones including Charmy’s Army, a comic he liked but hated how it starts. Steve still gets his (Newman in this case) the old fashion way; randomly clicking links.

We then dive right into the comic which of course starts with us talking about the creators names and other important things including Jason judging the characters of Saved by the Bell very harshly and then admitting to the greatest sin in webcomic reviewerdom. We then have a heck of a time trying to put our thoughts into words. It leads to some interesting analogies.



Digital Strips 320 – Review: The Sundays

I’m posting this on Sunday (still technically where I live), because we’re reviewing The Sundays! What more do you people want form me?

We start things off this week with a whole lot of love for a whole lot of puppets. After the usual Muppets jokes, we get deep into various kids’ shows. It’s a bit shame how much we know about these things, but then again we to talk about comics for 30 minutes every week so we’re a bit kooky from the get go.

After than we get into the dangers that are the Eisner award and all the ant genitals they bring. We have read (most) of them until just now so it’s a new, more fluid Digital Strips experience than we’ve had normally. We talk about Jason’s newly discovered sexual inadequacies, Steve’s abhorrence of Capitalism, how sci-fi and fantasy sometimes get freaky with each other, dead geese and finally skirt around the question of what makes a real web comic (answer: anything Steve doesn’t think he can beat up)

The middle section was brought to life by the phrase I most wished to have gotten recorded. “The last time I dropped a fat beat my buddy wet his pants.”

When we get into the review of the comic itself things get a bit more normal for us. We talk about art and writing and about how we disagree about pretty much everything were this is concerned we disagree about just about all of it. I don’t want to spoil too much for you guys, but we may need podcaster couples counselling after this one.

Ant Comic – 6:15
Bandette – 7:45
It will All Hurt – 9:15
Our Blood Stained Roof – 10:15
Oyster War – 11:15
Middle music


Digital Strips Podcast 318 – Book Club – Gunnerkrigg Court, Third Edition

Today I think I ate my yearly allotment of jelly beans so I really need to lay down, so I’ll keep the write up short and my apologies for it even shorter.

This week it’s round three of Digital Strips Book Club vs Gunnerkrigg Court. So far I think we’re winning.

We come up with a new way to fantasize about Jason, talk about Scott Kurtz doing Scott Kurtzy things, Jason finds his new calling in life and new a rival in Wolf Blitzer. After a brief chat on how expensive microphones are, we talk about what Jason hasn’t been reading and what Steve has been, even though it sounds like Jason will soon be reading it too. We talk about the death of Google Reader and what it means to Web comics (spoiler alert, bupkiss). All this and Jason’s best worst attempt at creating an alternate universe.

After slash during that, we talk about the last 200 pages of Gunnerkrigg Court, if you’re not reading along with us, now is a great time to join in, because I think thinks are really warming up and starting to point at something happening.

But hey, what do I know?

Show notes.

Octopus Pie (Merideth Gran)
Scenes from the Multiverse (John Rosenburg)
Gutters (Ryan Sohmer)
Girls with Slingshots (Danneille Corrseto)
Botched Spot
Over like Olav
Nightmare Pro Wrestling
Middle Music
Middle of the End Music


Digital Strips Podcast 316 – Review – The Line

Sorry for the later post. Daylightsavings has been kicking my butt.

This week is another episode that I couldn’t stop smiling about during the editing process. We had a lot of fun as we discuss The Line, by the very prolific Kevin Church. It’s the story of a high pressure kitchen in a fancy resturaunt and the lives it ruins.

We talk about our favorite “sim” games and how one in particular ruined both of our lives and made Steve super competive with bugs. We then delve into a deep round of things that make us feel good and start with the letter B. Then Jason gets up on his soupbox about how people release their games and Steve gets on his about how people should seek to be entertained reliably.

In “Whatca been readin’ Jason” we talk about The Night by B. Sabo and talk about how horror is in so manythings now that we expect it. I even had some horror in my miniwheats yesterday.

A breif detour into what we like in an about page leads us to the second thing Jason’s been reading, a 24 comic that we both agreed was well done and fun. Maybe even well fun.

Steve on the over hand has been reading Samurai’s Blood, another print comic going web serial, this time with Samurai.

We talk about Strip Search again, which still isn’t as sexy as it sounds like it should be.

During the music we talk about how not having an xBox makes everything worse.

We get down in dirty with the horrible culinary experices that have been Jason’s life. And how ketchup and ham played into it, which leds us well into the food centric comic.

We talk about artist writer combonations where the two sides form more than their parts. And then promptly become unable to think of examples of this.

We wrap up and Steve forgets that there’s not more UPN. It was important at the time

The Night
Eric Colossel’s day
Samurai’s Blood
The Rack
Lonliest Astronauts


Digital Strips Podcast 314 – Book Club – Gunnerkrigg Court, Second Edition

Here I go again on my own. Posting on the only blog I’m podcastin’ on. Like a vampire, I was born to walk alone.

Not alone in the podcast though, that would be terrible. Trust me, 30 minutes of me saying “ummm….” and “I’m lonely” is not good talk radio on the Internet.

This week we’re gathering our books and pressing our uniforms for another semester at Gunnerkrigg Court. We cover pages 201 through 396, going over what happens in each chapter, how we feel about what happens in each chapter and how much I wish Jason had never read Harry Potter.

We also talk about such vitally important topics as Carly Rae Jepsen, hot Asian ladies dancing in offices, murder, responsive web design, girl Hooters (it’s not what you think), how to teach kids to swear and most interestingly, Jason’s butt cheeks.

So join us won’t you. I van’t promise you won’t regret it, but I can promise you won’t regret it for very long. And that’s still a pretty good deal.

Thanks, Obama.

Show Notes:

Brood Hollow
Briar Hollow
Chainsaw Suit
BrentalFloss the comic
Muscles Diable
Table Titans

Music in the middle is so awesome it took three guys to make it: Brothersynthe, The Duke and Trenthian.


Digital Strips Podcast 312 – Review – All New Issues

We have a new rival here at Digital Strips and we don’t even know their names. We found a podcast older than us and we just don’t like them.

This week, Jason brings to the table All New Issues, a comic that strikes a little too close to home in some ways and not at all in others. We talk about how much it reminds us of other comics and how in this case, that’s a good thing.

We also talk about our mysterious patron, little ways you at home can change the world by hugging garbage, why litter is horrible, why Gallager is not as horrible as you may think, why Jason can’t pronouce the name of this show, Steve gives tax advice and Jason turns around and gives career advice to Pat Bennatar.

Play at home game: count how many euthinism Steve has (Note – I’m editing this post for typos and I can’t figure out what Steve meant here, so “euthinism” stands – Jason).

Always remember: We’re a podcast. People don’t listen to me, we’re in trouble.

Show Notes, I’ll have links up later in the day.
Table Titans
Kiwi Blitz
Order of the Stick
Sidekick Quests
The Untold Tales of Bigfoot
The Abomiable Charles Christopher
Monster Pulse
Girls with Slingshots
Looking for Group
The Rack


Digital Strips Podcast 309 – Review – Judecca

I’m going to be honest. I’m a little worried about how this day in going to go. I have a doctor’s appointment today and I’m old enough that even though I’m not going for anything butt-related, there’s a decent chance I’m going to get the finger.

I hate that stupid finger.

But anyway, that won’t stop me from posting our latest episode of Digital Strips.

This week we’re looking at Judecca, the weirdest, most surreal strip that I have ever presented on this show. If it had been Jason’s pick, it still would be in the top five. We then talk about the comic, about it’s use of color and it’s art jump. We theorize about what it all means and where it is going. Then we stop and tell Pictionary stories.

We talk about Jason’s fantasy racism, Steve’s unwritten rules of character creation, Jason’s new gamertag, where Jason likes to record this show, Steve defends his right to not love things and then forgets what medium this show is about, Jason thinks everything looks like Final Fantasy, a quick warning for Feedburner users and Jason becomes very concerned about whether he is suppose to bring the noise, the funk or a vegetable tray.

It was a lot of fun, but it won’t mean a thing if you don’t join us.

Show Notes
Not Invented Here
Super Fogeys
Twilight Monk
Chainsaw Suit
Dog eat Doug

Music for this episode was “One Hit KO” by WillRock.