DS 514: The State Of Our Webcomics Union Is Strong!

Ruth Bader Ginsburg falls asleep at the State of the Union addressJason Brubaker (reMIND, Sithrah) has some thoughts on the current state of webcomics, including what it takes to succeed in an ever-increasingly bloated ecosystem, and the guys provide their thoughts on those thoughts. Also, Steve wants to check in with Order of the Stick, which is still big on words. Not to be outdone, Jason brings it back to Gunnerkrigg Court, which has finally taken a turn towards the exciting again.


Magic and Mythology – The real Coyote of Gunnerkrigg Court

The story of Tom Siddell’s Gunnerkrigg Court is a sweeping tale of magic and technology, the clash between the old and the new, and the coming of age for main characters Antimony Carver and Kat Donlan. Overseeing this tale are two opposed factions, the shadowy leaders of the eponymous Court, and the flamboyantly-non-shadowed Coyote, God of the forest that surrounds the school. In fact, Coyote and his machinations have had an increasing presence in the comic, following the relatively early appointment of Antimony as the forest’s representative in the court, the summer she spent living in the forest, her growing relationships with Coyote’s minions Reynard and Ysengrin and more recently (minor spoilers ahead!) the freeing of Jeanne, the guardian spirit who separated the denizens of the forest and the court. But who is Coyote, and what resemblance does he bear to his real-world mythological counterpart? Continue reading


Episode 336 – With a Bang! (Gunnerkrigg Court Book Club: Final Edition)

An image depicting the story and foretelling of Tom Siddell's Gunnerkrigg CourtWhatcha Been Readin’

The News

  • (6:35) Mike Norton took home Best Online Comic at the Harvey Awards for Battlepug
    • (7:40) Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins (Penny Arcade) team up with Strip Search Season One winner, Katie Rice (Skadi) to do a Diablo III comic
    • (10:00) Harley Quinn suicide comic contest puts DC in hot water, including Phillip M. Jackson (Sequential Art)

The Midshow Break

Everyone likes to hear birds, but no one wants to hear farts (alright, very few people), so we combined the two using a tale from Jason’s sordid past and …

The Feature


All this, plus!

  • Jason vs. a squirrel: WHO WILL WIN
  • We start this episode out a little bluer than usual, talking about Snuggle parties and things … get weird for a bit
  • Non-porn uses for your web browser’s porn mode
  • Jason uses a transition he’s been sitting on for a week, for sure
  • Fun things for Demon Hunters to do
  • Where should octopi live?
  • That 90’s swoon

Digital Strips Podcast 332 – Gunnerkrigg Court Book Club: Sixth Edition

Playstation 4, Dual Shock 4, and Playstation Eye 4You make your choice, I’ve already made mine

Whatcha Been Readin’

The News

  • (8:45) Christopher Baldwin asks that you go to Kickstarter for one Spacetrawler update

The Midshow Break

The Feature

All this, plus!

  • Which new console will Steve get? Who cares!
  • Steve lets other people do his capitalism for him
  • People at Zynga have no soul
  • Everyone cool hates bullies, including crazy people in recording studios
  • Steve forgets about the fairies
  • Main characters are bad at naming things
  • The world’s longest raspberry
  • Doom has fanfic?
  • Steve yawns more than a professional podcaster would (or should)
  • Don’t make Coyote go all Jar Jar Binks


  • Steve forgot to put the show’s end theme on his new computer, so we jump straight into some NSFW talk about this and that, all on top of the dulcet tones of “Spanish Jitters” by Daniel Rosenqvist, David Wise, Diggi Dis, Harmony, JJT, Level 99, OA, Robin Beanland, bustatunez, prophetik, zyko from Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong’s Double Trouble.

Digital Strips Podcast 328 – Gunnerkrigg Court Book Club: Fifth Edition

Shelob, a giant spider from the fantasy novels by J.R.R. Tolkien

Whatcha Been Readin’

The News

  • None … I’m fine … how are you?


The Midshow Break

The Feature

All this, plus!

  • Steve is a drunken cheerleader
  • Jason hates plants in his salad
  • China eats all its nature, saddening Steve the Druid
  • Dogs pee on a lot of things (related to the salad bit)
  • Baby butts are like toilets (Editor’s note: What?)
  • Jason is cold and wet

Digital Strips Podcast 322 – Book Club – Gunnerkrigg Court, Fourth Edition

We kick things off be talking about what I’m sure is one everyone’s mind: pineapple. Our insightful take on this most important issue for our day that could have changed the lives of millions was quickly derailed by a descent into what Steve, Jason and Steve’s son think of people who make different live choices. Steve mourns the lose of a potential good transtion.
We get in to Jason’s pick (Escape from Burgertown) which comes with no information beyond the name Zac Gorman. As usual, Steve’s pick (Moth City) is completely diffrent, has more information, but you have to put up with his nonsense, which usually isn’t worth it.
We ramble about cursing at work and how Steve’s company combats it as well as how long it’s been since Steve watched a commerical.
After that we jump junk deep into Part 4 of Gunnerkrigg Court. We talk about how many story threads we’re going through and what it takes to keep up with them.
It’s a good time. Enjoy.

Digital Strips Podcast 314 – Book Club – Gunnerkrigg Court, Second Edition

Here I go again on my own. Posting on the only blog I’m podcastin’ on. Like a vampire, I was born to walk alone.

Not alone in the podcast though, that would be terrible. Trust me, 30 minutes of me saying “ummm….” and “I’m lonely” is not good talk radio on the Internet.

This week we’re gathering our books and pressing our uniforms for another semester at Gunnerkrigg Court. We cover pages 201 through 396, going over what happens in each chapter, how we feel about what happens in each chapter and how much I wish Jason had never read Harry Potter.

We also talk about such vitally important topics as Carly Rae Jepsen, hot Asian ladies dancing in offices, murder, responsive web design, girl Hooters (it’s not what you think), how to teach kids to swear and most interestingly, Jason’s butt cheeks.

So join us won’t you. I van’t promise you won’t regret it, but I can promise you won’t regret it for very long. And that’s still a pretty good deal.

Thanks, Obama.

Show Notes:

Brood Hollow
Briar Hollow
Chainsaw Suit
BrentalFloss the comic
Muscles Diable
Table Titans

Music in the middle is so awesome it took three guys to make it: Brothersynthe, The Duke and Trenthian.


Digital Strips Podcast 310 – Book Club – Gunnerkrigg Court, First Edition

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: First Edition

It’s January and Winter has finally come to Virginia! Sure, it was barely enough to cover the cars and bring down a tree into a power line here and there, but it came just the same. The first month of a new year also means it’s time to start another Book Club! Or something. Really, it all boils down to me (that’s Jason, so there’s no confusion) picking a comic that, while of a good quality (namely The Rack), did not lend itself well to the task of reading a couple hundred pages at a time in an effort to go through the back issues. So Steve is up this time with a pick he says will do the name Book Club proud. We’ll see.

First up, however, we must tell you what we’ve been reading! And my picks are those sent to us by the infinitely talented, always available Ryan Estrada, straight from his latest pay-what-you-want graphic novel collection, The Whole Story (6:14). If you haven’t already contributed to this wildly successful Kickstarter, then I can tell you that two of the stories chosen for the collection proper, The Dog’s Sins by KC Green, and Plagued by Ryan Estrada, are worth the price of admission alone (but you still get at least two other books on top these already high-quality stories!). Both are on the shorter side but offer wildly different and highly entertaining experiences for your eyes and mind to enjoy.

Steve, on the other hand, has been engulfed in the frivolity and whimsy that makes up Bearmageddon (9:02). It’s from one of the minds that brought us the soon-to-be-a-TV-series Axe Cop (9:45) and the title should be a dead giveaway as to the mindless fun you’re going to have with this one. Seriously, bears. It’s in the title.

In our first segment chatter, we also mention another of KC Green’s projects, the currently-running Gun Show (7:45). It’s thought-provoking, random, and at times randomly thought-provoking. Rarely not hilarious, too. Check it.

Ok, so normally I mention where you can find our midshow music so you can check it out for yourself. But this week, I urge, nay, demand, that you clicky the link and download all of “Dirty Coins” by bLiNd (Jordan Aguirre) from Overclocked Remix (11:07). I’m rocking to it right now as I write this post because I CAN’T GET IT OUT OF MY SYSTEM. AND I LOVE IT FOR THAT. Oh, and we talk about the Glee/Jonathan Coulton situation during the break as well. Women’s lib gets a nod as well, I think. Just listen.

We are going to get through this comic, come Hell or high water, but we encourage you, the listener, to participate with us and read along. We’ll be sending out Tweets and Facebook posts when we’re gearing up for the next edition, so keep an eye out and join us in this first (only?) Book Club of 2013. For our first edition with Harry Potter and the Illuminated Bridge … er, Gunnerkrigg Court, we dissect each chapter, page by page, and come to a consensus that, while incredibly derivative in a number of ways, this is a comic worth reading in its entirety. We read the first 200 pages (11 chapters, if you want to count that way) this time around, so catch up and let us know what you think! With Book Club, your thoughts are just as important as ours. Probably more so, since we’re tired of hearing ourselves speak/think.

For those into tangents, our Rambletron chokes on the following: Why are snow plows such dicks to people who live on side streets, the useless superpower that is pre-cognitive professional wrestling color commentary, Steve reminding us of his cockamamie Axe Cop conspiracy theory, science brooms, basil vs. basil, whether or not “artificial habitat” can be considered dirty, and the threat of death in Candy Land. Join us?