Digital Strips Podcast 328 – Gunnerkrigg Court Book Club: Fifth Edition

Shelob, a giant spider from the fantasy novels by J.R.R. Tolkien

Whatcha Been Readin’

The News

  • None … I’m fine … how are you?


The Midshow Break

The Feature

All this, plus!

  • Steve is a drunken cheerleader
  • Jason hates plants in his salad
  • China eats all its nature, saddening Steve the Druid
  • Dogs pee on a lot of things (related to the salad bit)
  • Baby butts are like toilets (Editor’s note: What?)
  • Jason is cold and wet

4 thoughts on “Digital Strips Podcast 328 – Gunnerkrigg Court Book Club: Fifth Edition

  1. Hello, forgive me for contacting you here, but I’m looking for an email to contact you at. Perhaps it’s because it’s late, but I’m not finding one on the site.

  2. Digitalstrips (at symbol) gmail dot com

    We give our contact info out at the end of each show.

  3. I gave you guys the pronunciation of coyote because one of you totally said “kai-yoat” early on. I don’t want to hear no claptrap about regional dialects!

    I’m also curious: what did you think of the vacation material, like the early week of guest strips or the City Face comics? Are you skipping those or just didn’t have a lot to say about them?

  4. We’ve mostly skimmed them because of time. We’re just trying to get through all the quote unquote main story in time for the show. I remember liking that stuff though.

    And plenty of old hillbillies have been perfectly happy saying Kai-Yote.

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