Episode 336 – With a Bang! (Gunnerkrigg Court Book Club: Final Edition)

An image depicting the story and foretelling of Tom Siddell's Gunnerkrigg CourtWhatcha Been Readin’

The News

  • (6:35) Mike Norton took home Best Online Comic at the Harvey Awards for Battlepug
    • (7:40) Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins (Penny Arcade) team up with Strip Search Season One winner, Katie Rice (Skadi) to do a Diablo III comic
    • (10:00) Harley Quinn suicide comic contest puts DC in hot water, including Phillip M. Jackson (Sequential Art)

The Midshow Break

Everyone likes to hear birds, but no one wants to hear farts (alright, very few people), so we combined the two using a tale from Jason’s sordid past and …

The Feature


All this, plus!

  • Jason vs. a squirrel: WHO WILL WIN
  • We start this episode out a little bluer than usual, talking about Snuggle parties and things … get weird for a bit
  • Non-porn uses for your web browser’s porn mode
  • Jason uses a transition he’s been sitting on for a week, for sure
  • Fun things for Demon Hunters to do
  • Where should octopi live?
  • That 90’s swoon

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