Episode 335 – Crude, But Sweet (Horizons Watch feat. Chippy and Loopus and Mary Death)

The evolution of Chuck E. CheeseWhatcha Been Readin’

The News

  • Dickwolves: Why they’re still a thing and why it needs to stop
    • Patrick Klepek of Giant Bomb compiled a good source for the incident and fallout (scan to the end of the article, though the whole thing is, as he says, Worth Reading)

The Midshow Break

In honor of Mighty No. 9 (spiritual successor to Mega Man) and it’s already incredibly successful Kickstarter, I’ve included some tunes from The Blue Bomber’s second (and likely best) outing, as our midshow music.

The Feature


All this, plus!

  • Mystery Men (Jason’s never seen it)
  • Burger King Creepy Dude skin available exclusively at 7-11!
  • Jason pre-orders The Avengers for his relatives; Steve? Mamma Mia
  • The Disney font is BONKERS

1 thought on “Episode 335 – Crude, But Sweet (Horizons Watch feat. Chippy and Loopus and Mary Death)

  1. I know this is old news now, but Polygon did a really nice article on the issue

    The shirts are offensive because they take a well loved convention (that should be a safe space for gamers of all kind) and turn it into a mean spirited fiasco. The fact that people in the audience started chanting “RAPE RAPE” in support of the dick wolves shirt just so what kind of ill mannered community PA is fostering. It has nothing to do with the original strip so much as PA’s total insensitivity and lack of maturity on the issue. They should of dropped it years ago, so why bring it up again at PAX? That is why people are angry.

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