Episode 337: Strong Female What? (Review feat. Strong Female Protagonist)

The Steve Austin ShowWhatcha Been Readin’

The News

The Midshow Break

No, I did not bring up The Steve Austin Show so I could play this rockin’ tune. (But seriously, go listen to that show if you haven’t already.)

  • (14:00) Stone Cold Steve Austin’s theme

The Feature


All this, plus!

  • My mom, the Facebook stalker
  • Feeling bad about yourself? Visit the county fair!
  • If you’re seeing too many friend’s kids on Facebook, then you’re probably spending too much time on Facebook
  • Jason’s spider sense sucks
  • Be the guy who poops while he reads Wonderella (be like Jason)

1 thought on “Episode 337: Strong Female What? (Review feat. Strong Female Protagonist)

  1. I actually started listening to this podcast cause of inkoutbreak, ink outa broka whatever. They linked your podcast where their indiegogo thing is, they link to all kinda of webcomic news like fleen. I agree there are glitches, but I find it useful. Feedly pisses me off cause I have to click links to the comic every 2 seconds cause the comics are not included in the rss feed.

    Oh the speed thing sucks with ink, but I think it depends on the site cause the “better” comics loads a lot faster

    The site is not perfect, but I wish it was a more professional production.

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