Digital Strips 320 – Review: The Sundays

I’m posting this on Sunday (still technically where I live), because we’re reviewing The Sundays! What more do you people want form me?

We start things off this week with a whole lot of love for a whole lot of puppets. After the usual Muppets jokes, we get deep into various kids’ shows. It’s a bit shame how much we know about these things, but then again we to talk about comics for 30 minutes every week so we’re a bit kooky from the get go.

After than we get into the dangers that are the Eisner award and all the ant genitals they bring. We have read (most) of them until just now so it’s a new, more fluid Digital Strips experience than we’ve had normally. We talk about Jason’s newly discovered sexual inadequacies, Steve’s abhorrence of Capitalism, how sci-fi and fantasy sometimes get freaky with each other, dead geese and finally skirt around the question of what makes a real web comic (answer: anything Steve doesn’t think he can beat up)

The middle section was brought to life by the phrase I most wished to have gotten recorded. “The last time I dropped a fat beat my buddy wet his pants.”

When we get into the review of the comic itself things get a bit more normal for us. We talk about art and writing and about how we disagree about pretty much everything were this is concerned we disagree about just about all of it. I don’t want to spoil too much for you guys, but we may need podcaster couples counselling after this one.

Ant Comic – 6:15
Bandette – 7:45
It will All Hurt – 9:15
Our Blood Stained Roof – 10:15
Oyster War – 11:15
Middle music


5 thoughts on “Digital Strips 320 – Review: The Sundays

  1. Great episode! digital strips is one of the few podcasts that I still enjoy after listening to three episodes. And personally I think Our Blood Stained Roof is really good.

  2. Glad to hear we make the three episode cut.

    I’ll be sure to get Our Blood Stained Roof a read before the winners are annouced. Have you read any of the other nominations?

  3. @the Geek: I also read the first chapters of both Oyster War and It will All Hurt.
    It will all hurt seems interesting, the art is good looking but the story is a bit to artsy for me(I might go back to read some more). Oyster War is well drawn, the artists picks interesting poses for the characters and the images flow very well. The biggest problem with Oyster War seems to be that sometimes it seems like there is to much dialogue, it kind of reminds me of those old comics that are barely readable.
    From what I can make up from the previews Bandette the lettering is really bad, So I wan’t be reading that anytime soon.
    And I have not read Ant Comic yet, for reasons that have already been pointed out.

  4. @Walter: Thanks for the feedback, I think Jason just recommended you comic in the show for this week. He either saw this and didn’t get you credit or is secretly watching you some how. You should look into that.

    @Daniel: Thanks for your thoughts. I’d have to go back a listen to the old Horizons Watch episode where we review Oyster War, because “too much reading” sounds like something Jason would have said about that comic. You guys probably aren’t wrong, I just have an absurdly high tolerance for words.

    Still not sure what to think about It Will All Hurt though. Even thinking back on it confuses me.

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