Digital Strips Podcast 319: Horizons Watch feat. Project Ballad and The Untold Tales of Bigfoot

Chili cheese tater tots ... mmmmmm ...Before we kick into our usual shenanigans, we must take a moment to remember the passing of Roger Ebert. No matter the size of the impact we make in this world, our critical eyes have been informed by his knack for taking criticism and analytical thinking to another level and he will certainly be missed. Now then, do you like your comics whimsical or do you enjoy being forced to wear your thinking cap for every single, last panel? Good news for you then, because this is Horizons Watch, and we have plenty of both on tap! Before we get to those promising young comics though, let’s delve into What We’ve Been Reading:

Also, news, wherein we find out about two promising comics that are so far away on the horizon, we can’t even see them yet:

The midshow break probably seems like a rerun, but I promise it is original, Digital Strips content. You can groove to a remix of the underwater theme from Donkey Kong Country by The Distortionist titled, “Submerged in Ambiance” (11:25, a tune that I featured in that same spot several shows back) and hear me (Jason) talk about what a bad idea it is to eat chili cheese tater tots twice in one day. What is not in our usual toolbox, however, is me bringing the more serious comic to our Horizons Watch while Steve finds a more whimsical comic to show off. So savor the flavor, because it’s not likely to happen again:

And Bigfoot reminded us of a few other comics as well:

All this, plus: Jason finished Bioshock Infinite in (his) record time, why you shouldn’t travel all the way to Utah just to do a drive-by on Steve, what in the Lord’s name is a “chalking blot”, why mercantile is not a word which should ever be spoken, and the exciting follow-up to Bigfoot, The Untold Tales of Hairy Bowling Pin! Enjoy!


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