Digital Strips Podcast 324 – Review: Paranatural

This week we’re looking at Paranatural, the best comic featuring a magic plunger that we’ve ever read.

We start out this week on the one thing people expect from us and no other podcast, four minutes of sports talk, spawned by an Iron Man reference. We learn Steve’s opinion on school fight songs and processed lunch meats.

Then we do some simple talk about the new Xbox and why naming this is dumb, Jason’s idea for someone to make a crapload of money, and he admits most things he does make him feel sad about his life.

Jason also finds a new source of comics and in doing so has found several new ones including Charmy’s Army, a comic he liked but hated how it starts. Steve still gets his (Newman in this case) the old fashion way; randomly clicking links.

We then dive right into the comic which of course starts with us talking about the creators names and other important things including Jason judging the characters of Saved by the Bell very harshly and then admitting to the greatest sin in webcomic reviewerdom. We then have a heck of a time trying to put our thoughts into words. It leads to some interesting analogies.



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