Digital Strips Podcast 323 – Horizons Watch – Monster’s Garden and Bad Reputation

Pork Chop Sandwiches!Few episodes take care of themselves as well as this one. Everything kind of falls into place and the segments just find their way, usually led by a webcomic or two. Our only news mention is of Table Titans (3:50), and the only news to note is that Twitter can be an awesome tool sometimes. I mentioned that the responsive design (web design term, Google it) for the site was breaking the viewing experience at certain dimensions to Scott Kurtz. Then, later that evening, I was going back and forth with whoever runs the Table Titans Twitter account.

Our featured comics for Whatcha Been Readin’ are both notable, one for its creator, and the other for its title.

In honor of the 25th anniversary of Mega Man 2 (widely regarded as one of the greatest games of all time), The Gameological Society (a sister site to The A.V. Club, itself a sibling to The Onion) did an entire day’s worth of content dedicated to the Blue Bomber. With the opening theme to the game shallowly leaping its way into my heart, I figured I could hunt down a remix for this week’s break. This one is brought to us by DaddyCat and features dubstep (10:37). Yep, another one.

Our Horizons are set on two promising up-and-comers:

Even the Rambletron rolls along, like a well-oiled, junky machine. Fueling its tanks this week: G.I. Joe PSAs, Star Trek is the same as Star Wars, Jason is a terrible hype man, Steve harbors some dark, furry secrets, and honestly, we really don’t care what you smell.


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