Digital Strips Podcast 316 – Review – The Line

Sorry for the later post. Daylightsavings has been kicking my butt.

This week is another episode that I couldn’t stop smiling about during the editing process. We had a lot of fun as we discuss The Line, by the very prolific Kevin Church. It’s the story of a high pressure kitchen in a fancy resturaunt and the lives it ruins.

We talk about our favorite “sim” games and how one in particular ruined both of our lives and made Steve super competive with bugs. We then delve into a deep round of things that make us feel good and start with the letter B. Then Jason gets up on his soupbox about how people release their games and Steve gets on his about how people should seek to be entertained reliably.

In “Whatca been readin’ Jason” we talk about The Night by B. Sabo and talk about how horror is in so manythings now that we expect it. I even had some horror in my miniwheats yesterday.

A breif detour into what we like in an about page leads us to the second thing Jason’s been reading, a 24 comic that we both agreed was well done and fun. Maybe even well fun.

Steve on the over hand has been reading Samurai’s Blood, another print comic going web serial, this time with Samurai.

We talk about Strip Search again, which still isn’t as sexy as it sounds like it should be.

During the music we talk about how not having an xBox makes everything worse.

We get down in dirty with the horrible culinary experices that have been Jason’s life. And how ketchup and ham played into it, which leds us well into the food centric comic.

We talk about artist writer combonations where the two sides form more than their parts. And then promptly become unable to think of examples of this.

We wrap up and Steve forgets that there’s not more UPN. It was important at the time

The Night
Eric Colossel’s day
Samurai’s Blood
The Rack
Lonliest Astronauts


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