So, what’s a ‘zine, anyway (and what does it have to do with Webcomics)?

Last week when we looked at the Eisner nominations on the podcast and the blog, we noted that one of the webcomics presented was very different in both style and content: The Contradictions by Sophie Yanow.

The Contradictions by Sophie Yanow, episode #24

In the blog last week, we said Yanow’s comic was more reminiscent of an “e-Zine” than a ‘traditional’ webcomic. But what on earth does that even mean?! Today, dear Digital Strippers, we’re going back up the branches of the webcomic family tree and looking at the wild and wonderful world… of Zines.

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Eisner 2019 Webcomics Nominations!

Hitting you hot off the presses of the cultural Zeitgeist, it’s the Digital Strips Blog here with the nominees for the 2019 Eisner awards!…

…two weeks after they were announced!

But tardiness aside, there’s some interesting titles on the block this year. We can’t help but notice, too, that 60% (or, three out of the five) of the offerings in the Webcomics category are hosted on Line Webtoon — but then, the pervasiveness of that ever-expanding hub of Webcomics content is no surprise to erstwhile listeners of the Digital Strips podcast now, is it?

Here, then, are your Eisner Awards 2019 Webcomics Category finalists.

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Digital Strips Episode 483: Win State

Fake news on the front of the newspaperFor the second week of our look at the nominees for the Eisners, the guys check out the five comics nominated for Best Digital Comic: Bandette, Edison Rex, Helm, On a Sunbeam, and Universe!. There’s something old (previously featured), something new, and something that can only be described as fake news that Steve is spreading about one of the four-peat nominees.


Digital Strips Episode 482: Pour It On My Buttons

Cheez Whiz ad from back in the dayUnfortunately for you, Jason is a web designer in his day job and so he has some opinions on the recent redesign Adam Huber applied to Bug Martini. Also, The Eisners are once again nearly upon us, so the guys take a look at the nominees for Best Webcomic: Bird Boy, Deja Brew, Jaeger, The Middle Age, and On Beauty.


Digital Strips Podcast 331 – Help Us Oh Hero (Horizons Watch feat. Help Us Great Warrior and Hero Oh Hero)

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

Easily my favorite image to come from a Google image search for “hero”

Whatcha Been Readin’

  • (4:50) Polar by Victor Santos
  • (10:25) Juniper by Carrie Potter and Sarah Thurber

The News

  • (13:35) Eisner Award winners announced (we were pretty lukewarm on this list of nominees here)
  • (15:25) Harvey Award nominees announced (now this is more like it)


The Midshow Break (in honor of EVO 2013, Steve’s religious holiday)

The Feature

All this, plus!

  • Adam West, Burt Ward, and Kevin Sorbo will attend the hell out of your comic convention
  • For all random comments, just assume Jason is playing Animal Crossing
  • Terrible roommate video game webcomics (or the sad future we were once faced with)
  • Steve hates Comixology because he’s cheap
  • If you’ve won before, give someone else a chance
  • Next buttons on the left side of the page confuse us and will affect your review