Digital Strips Episode 482: Pour It On My Buttons

Cheez Whiz ad from back in the dayUnfortunately for you, Jason is a web designer in his day job and so he has some opinions on the recent redesign Adam Huber applied to Bug Martini. Also, The Eisners are once again nearly upon us, so the guys take a look at the nominees for Best Webcomic: Bird Boy, Deja Brew, Jaeger, The Middle Age, and On Beauty.


Digital Strips Episode 453: Wink Wink

Encyclopedia Brown, Boy DetectiveWe’re solving mysteries, gumshoes! Like, what happens when DS Alumnus Brigid Alverson interviews John Allison? Will Steve and Jason finally contribute to a Patreon thanks to Adam Huber’s Sunday comics plans? Will Steve cry about the ending of Let’s Speak English? And will anyone else care about Jason’s gripes concerning Binwin’s Minions? The answers are here, find them if you dare!


Episode 415: S*** Is Gettin’ REAL

Making your own fun can be so rewarding! To that end, Jason has been creating and partaking of the levels of Super Mario Maker.

A hard level in Super Mario Maker (but not the hardest)

Not one of Jason’s, but devious nonetheless

Hear his pro tips on finding the diamonds in the rough. Meanwhile, Steve has been watching the Rugby World Cup and he’s ready to answer the question: is it more like football or soccer? Once that’s settled, there are many webcomics to chat about, many of which are popping off in one way or another. Knuckle up and head into the fray!


Digital Strips Podcast 327 – Our Yeti Continues (Horizons Watch feat. Our Adventure Continues and Yeti 4 Hire)

bug-hallWhatcha Been Readin’

The News


The Midshow Break

The Feature

All this, plus!

  • Jason falls asleep to action/RPGs
  • Steve has fallen asleep everywhere except for the .. throne
  • I hope, for your sake, your name is not Steven
  • Our talk about who actually has it worse than anybody else leads to a great comic idea, “Donald Trump and That Guy”
  • Steve brings me down to his level
  • Stay tuned for our new show: The DC Wank Hour!