Digital Strips Episode 453: Wink Wink

Encyclopedia Brown, Boy DetectiveWe’re solving mysteries, gumshoes! Like, what happens when DS Alumnus Brigid Alverson interviews John Allison? Will Steve and Jason finally contribute to a Patreon thanks to Adam Huber’s Sunday comics plans? Will Steve cry about the ending of Let’s Speak English? And will anyone else care about Jason’s gripes concerning Binwin’s Minions? The answers are here, find them if you dare!


1 thought on “Digital Strips Episode 453: Wink Wink

  1. Hello, Strippers! Here are some necessary corrections to this episode regarding the creative team behind Table Titans. It is Scott Kurtz who serves as a main line artist (pencils/inks) on the comic, while Steve Hamaker (PLOX) serves as the colorist. Dylan Meconis does assist with Toonhound Studios work, but mostly on the PVP side as the lead writer. The changes to these roles seem to fairly fluid, but I think that represents the most current roster. Apologies also to Dylan, who we mistakenly said is a male creator. She is indeed a woman, and an incredibly talented one at that!

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