Digital Strips Podcast 331 – Help Us Oh Hero (Horizons Watch feat. Help Us Great Warrior and Hero Oh Hero)

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

Easily my favorite image to come from a Google image search for “hero”

Whatcha Been Readin’

  • (4:50) Polar by Victor Santos
  • (10:25) Juniper by Carrie Potter and Sarah Thurber

The News

  • (13:35) Eisner Award winners announced (we were pretty lukewarm on this list of nominees here)
  • (15:25) Harvey Award nominees announced (now this is more like it)


The Midshow Break (in honor of EVO 2013, Steve’s religious holiday)

The Feature

All this, plus!

  • Adam West, Burt Ward, and Kevin Sorbo will attend the hell out of your comic convention
  • For all random comments, just assume Jason is playing Animal Crossing
  • Terrible roommate video game webcomics (or the sad future we were once faced with)
  • Steve hates Comixology because he’s cheap
  • If you’ve won before, give someone else a chance
  • Next buttons on the left side of the page confuse us and will affect your review