Digital Strips Podcast 307 – Year in Review 2012

Beyond the fact we’ve overcome our fear of vacuum cleaners what sets us apart form the animals is the fact that we, as a species, have traditions. Doing the same thing over and over every year just because you did it last year is the opposable thumbs of society.

One of the greatest of these traditions is the year end review show right here on Digital Strips where we take a look back at the year in web comics as it directly relates to us.

This year we discuss how Jason can’t feel the holiday spirit because he’s too busy thinking about Frosty the Snowman’s mental state. We learn that Steve thinkings everthing is a test. We learn Jason doesn’t read the things he’s reading

Horizons Watch notables:
Alpha Flag
Unicorn Soup
Shiver Berueu
Zen Pencils
Monster Kind
Disappointing Monsters
Space Mullet

Jason’s Pick: Zen Pencils – it makes him feel like crap but he likes the abuse. Maybe all he needs is a little encouragement.

Steve’s Pick: Unicon Soup – It’s just like him, and he likes it because of that. Yeah he’s kinda shallow like that.

Rambletron classic – #1 Steve discusses his hygiene issues and his proud family heritage.

Next Town Over
Anyone for Rhubarb
Blue Yonder
Kiwi Blitz
Rock Manlyfist
Little League
Nightmare Pro wrestling
Lake Nowhere

Steve’s Pick: Anyone for Rhubarb – just as unique as the fruit (vegetable?) it’s named after it brings the funny and actually puts said funny in his RSS feed where he can easily access it at work.

Jason’s Pick: Rock Manlyfist – his a little ashamed of his own pick as well he should be of a comic that involves boning a country to keep your head from exploding.

Rambletron classic – #2 Remember that time Steve’s kid pooped at church? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

Repitilis Rex
Battle pug

Steve’s Pick: Bug– Steve loves bug, and he doesn’t care how that sounds

Jason’s Pick: The Trenches – he doesn’t know who draws it but he loves it anyway, go figure art boy.

That’s it for this year, see ya’ll in 2013.