The End of Something Wonderful

Clicking through the world of webcomics any time since 2006 there has been one small bit of text, so omnipresent that you might not even have noticed it, that has been with you as surely as the pixels on the screen translating colour and shape into humour and drama:

These nine words (plus a price tag) have been the staple of every self-respecting cartoonist or comic artist who’ve placed their work on the web (and even some of the not-so-self-respecting ones). However, an announcement by Project Wonderful creator Ryan North on June 11 2018 that the service was shutting down for good has brought this experiment in independent advertising and democratisation of ad revenue to a close.

So if you only know of the service as someone seeing the ads, what evenĀ was Project Wonderful – and what made it so different to the other advertising options out there? Today, we’re looking back on the service, what it promised, and what it means for webcomic creators to see the service go extinct.

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Warren Ellis ~PRESENTS~ Webcomics Week

Warren Ellis, world-famous comic creator and writer of the popular webcomic, FreakAngels, is offering up his forums for yet another week to anyone who wants free advertising for their webcomic. Make no mistake about it; regardless of whether or not your comic is good, this will get some eyeballs on it. You can’t fault the guy for doing what he can to help now, can you?

Stop on by his forums and post a little something about your comic today!