Saturday Shoutout — Sheldon Comics ‘Pop Culture’ Kickstarter

Hey Digital Strippers, it’s the Average Joe here!

We at Digital strips know you all follow a LOT of webcomics. Besides the ones that Steve and Jason bring us every week on the podcast, there’s the old favourites we cling to dearly year after year, and the newest, most exciting thing we find crossing our social media feed every day.

So, it’s easy for us to let our schedule of checking in on some of those favourites slip every now and then.

The problem is, sometimes that means we’re going to be away for some big announcements. Often that’s okay, as we can always dive back through the archives and catch up. But sometimes those things we miss have some very specific deadlines — like Kickstarter drives, limited print runs, personal appearances or other short-term opportunities.

We don’t want you to miss out, so we’re starting a new segment on the blog called the ‘Saturday Shoutout’. Each week, we’ll be featuring something that’s going on in the webcomics world with a deadline you’re not going to want to miss. And with the whole weekend ahead of you, there’s no better time to cruise on over and take advantage of the opportunity!

Starting off the series, we have Dave Kellett’s ‘Pop Culture’ Kickstarter!

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Introducing Terence MacManus

Quick, without combing through the archives when was the last time we had a new Contributor on the site? Drawing a blank? Yep, me too. That’s why I’m so excited to introduce Terence MacManus as the newest member of our staff. Besides having the same last name as my previous manager he has a lot of good things going for him.

  • Long-term listener (although saying 2010 is old makes me feel even older)
  • Starting a career as a professional writer
  • Good background knowledge of webcomics (though he admits it’s not as good as Steve’s)
  • Had his own webcomic
  • Co-hosted a few episodes for the Webcomic Beacon

Let’s all give him a warm welcome as he sharpens his metaphorical writing teeth. Following (technically it will show up before) this announcement will be his first contribution to the venerable site that is our beloved Digital Strips.


Lovecraft Is Missing Book 5 Begins September 2nd

I have watched TV shows for so long that the concept of seasonly delivered content is nothing new to me. And if comics want to be thought of in that same manner, so be it. I consume so much content online that I am never left wanting for something to read, watch, or experience. Combine that with the fact that Lovecraft Is Missing, the terrific occult suspense webcomic from Larry Latham, is returning next Friday after a summer hiatus and I have no reason not to shout this information from the rooftops.

Sure, Larry was kind enough to set this date in stone the moment the previous “season” ended, but time is a harsh mistress in the world of the Web so consider this your official reminder. The full rundown of what’s in store, straight from Larry himself, can be found below the image.

The mysteries begin to unfold as Nan Mercy, Win Battler and Father Munsford Jackey delve deeper into the disappearance of an obscure pulp fiction writer in 1926. Cosmic horror and pulse-pounding adventure swirl around the multiple factions moving towards an as-yet unknown goal, with the only certainty being that the result is not in the best interests of humanity. Is Lovecraft the key to defeating the evil, or is he merely a pawn in a larger game that somehow centers around his creations? Or is there a more terrible truth waiting to be uncovered?


SMBC Theater Proves The Internet Is An Awesome Place To Be, Fully Funded Kickstarter Project Is A Go

But you know what’s not awesome about the Internet? Fleen. But it is Fleen we have to thank for news that the Kickstarter project for SMBC Theater Goes To SPACE! has not only achieved funding five times over for the upcoming webseries, but celebrated doing so by putting the entire first DVD’s worth of content up on YouTube for everyone to enjoy, cheapskate and gracious contributor alike.

If only Congress could work together on this level and get something done, we wouldn’t have to rely on geniuses like Weiner and his crew to lampoon political snafus like that and…

Wait, on second thought… Congress! Keep on screwin’ that pooch!

Slackers Rewarded, Exchange High-Fives; Gary Tyrrell (Fleen)



This post is ostensibly about the Original Art Contest that Chris Grine is running to help drive traffic to his most excellent webcomic, Chickenhare, but really, if you aren’t already assisting in this effort, you’re missing out on one of the most unique, well-crafted stories I’ve read in years.

The deets, courtesy of Chris himself:

Post a blurb on your site along with a sample page from Chickenhare. Help spread the good word to the masses.

The site that drives the most traffic to will get a personalized 5×7 original Inked and signed artwork with the 2-3 characters from the world of Chickenhare of your choosing. Sound fair?

When does the contest start? NOW!

When does it end? SEPTEMBER 15th at 11:59 PM central time

*Please email me with a link to the post so I can keep track of the websites in the running.

We’re not saying this is what will happen to you if you don’t read Chickenhare… but wouldn’t you rather be safe than sorry?


Chris Jones Has A New Portfolio Site

Do we talk about portfolio sites around here? No. If you’re a professional artist, or want to be thought of as one, you should have one.

But for Chris Jones, creator/collaborator on numerous (Grumps, Captain Excelsior/Stupendous, Byron Pinkleton, and Snowflakes, just to name a few) webcomics, it feels appropriate to mention such an announcement. And it’s an easier way of linking to all of his stellar, grotesque, hilarious work in one shot. So click that image below and get to browsin’. You’ve got a lot of catching up to do.

The Chris Jones Portfolio website


Escape From Planet Nowhere Returns September 4th

I’m treating this as the best birthday present ever that was not specifically intended to be so. Otis Frampton announced on the site blog that Escape From Planet Nowhere, a wonderful, gorgeous space adventure comic (while it lasted) is returning September 4th. I have missed the flawless execution on the genre that this comic brought to the game and can’t wait to see where things go next.

From Otis himself:

Okay, so I kinda disappeared there for a while.

A long while.

The last year since I moved back to Minnesota has been rockier than I anticipated and my webcomic work has been the thing that has suffered most. But something had to be put on the back burner while I built up my business, and unfortunately it meant that I had little time to visit Planet Nowhere.

That being said, I’ve been working on new pages and when the webcomic returns on September 4th, I should be a couple of months ahead of schedule.

Sorry for the long absence. See you next month.

Damn. I was gonna have a hot dog.


Help These Scurvy Dogs (as mentioned on Digital Strips Episode 251)

Do you love webcomics? Do you love board games? Do you love funding Kickstarter projects? Then you’re probably one of the 13 people who have already contributed to seeing this game through to completion.

Dern and O (only in webcomics, right?) of Hello With Cheese have decided to create a pirate board and card game called Scurvy Dogs and they’ve taken to the now ubiquitous funding brand for help. They’re even bringing along friends Jamie Noguchi (Yellow Peril) and Lar DeSouza (Least I Could Do, Looking For Group) to help illustrate the whole thing. It all sounds like a promising project and one I’m very interested in purchasing when/if it’s funded.

So stop by the KS site and give what you can!


Coming Up In Episode 247 of The Digital Strips Podcast: The Ghosts of Pineville

Steve has made up his mind and it looks like our next show will feature The Ghosts of Pineville by Sara L. Turner. Read up quick, Strippers! It’s not too long and reads very quickly, so catching up should be a breeze. (Ignore the “Book Two” in the image below, we’re reviewing both books thus far produced.)

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