Talking *to* webcomics – Part 2

In our celebration around the show’s 500th episode, we looked back at some of the Digital Strips interview Alumni – people who, since their appearance on the show, had gone on to either great webcomics success, or [INDEFINITE HIATUS].

Today, we’re going to have another look back on some of the names and personalities that have graced the Digital Strips airwaves in times past, and examining what these creators are up to today. Continue reading


Help These Scurvy Dogs (as mentioned on Digital Strips Episode 251)

Do you love webcomics? Do you love board games? Do you love funding Kickstarter projects? Then you’re probably one of the 13 people who have already contributed to seeing this game through to completion.

Dern and O (only in webcomics, right?) of Hello With Cheese have decided to create a pirate board and card game called Scurvy Dogs and they’ve taken to the now ubiquitous funding brand for help. They’re even bringing along friends Jamie Noguchi (Yellow Peril) and Lar DeSouza (Least I Could Do, Looking For Group) to help illustrate the whole thing. It all sounds like a promising project and one I’m very interested in purchasing when/if it’s funded.

So stop by the KS site and give what you can!