Talking *to* webcomics – Part 2

In our celebration around the show’s 500th episode, we looked back at some of the Digital Strips interview Alumni – people who, since their appearance on the show, had gone on to either great webcomics success, or [INDEFINITE HIATUS].

Today, we’re going to have another look back on some of the names and personalities that have graced the Digital Strips airwaves in times past, and examining what these creators are up to today. Continue reading


Episode 408: Happy Prime Day!

Disney/Pixar's UPComic-Con went down, and what do we want to talk about? Fitness. And cursing. Yes, it was supposed to lead into a geekier discussion. No worries, though, as that discussion comes in the second segment, where we talk about Automata, Disappointing Monsters, Rob Lundy, The Floraverse, and much, much more!