Digital Strips Episode 500: Then, Now, Forever

Five hundred episodes is a long time to do anything. Daily, weekly, monthly, annually, it gives you perspective on the subject you’re taking a good, hard look at and makes you appreciate the creativity at work. To celebrate the milestone, The Midnight Cartooner and The Geek welcome back co-founder Daku the Rogue to see where it all started, and where they think it might all lead. Along with nostalgic messages from Becky Dreistadt, Frank Gibson, Ryan Estrada, Gary Tyrrell, Meredith Gran, Chris Grine, and Terence “The Average Joe” MacManus, the guys talk about everything from anime beefs to the challenge having kids presents to your beloved hobbies. It’s been a wild ride, and thank you, loyal Strippers, for being with us for it. Here’s to an indeterminate number more!


0 thoughts on “Digital Strips Episode 500: Then, Now, Forever

  1. Great episode, guys! Was fantastic to hear back from the Rogue, and get a real perspective on how things have changed in (and for) webcomics over the past 13 years!
    Not only am I flattered by your kind words, but also by the fact that my generally jaded, barely-younger-than-you, father-of-three lifestyle hasn’t bled into my writing here (yet!) 😛
    Here’s to many more episodes to come!!

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