Digital Strips Episode 500: Then, Now, Forever

Five hundred episodes is a long time to do anything. Daily, weekly, monthly, annually, it gives you perspective on the subject you’re taking a good, hard look at and makes you appreciate the creativity at work. To celebrate the milestone, The Midnight Cartooner and The Geek welcome back co-founder Daku the Rogue to see where it all started, and where they think it might all lead. Along with nostalgic messages from Becky Dreistadt, Frank Gibson, Ryan Estrada, Gary Tyrrell, Meredith Gran, Chris Grine, and Terence “The Average Joe” MacManus, the guys talk about everything from anime beefs to the challenge having kids presents to your beloved hobbies. It’s been a wild ride, and thank you, loyal Strippers, for being with us for it. Here’s to an indeterminate number more!


Strong Female Characters Is The Best Heroine-Starring Comic Of The Last Millenium

As a long-time reader of male-centered superhero comics, I found it to be a personal affront to stomach the commentary at play in the Beaton/Gran/Monardo joint, Strong Female Characters. Hardest to swallow is the fact that, regardless of the skintight leather and fishnet tights these bomb-blasting bombshells don whenever a crime is perpetrated, underneath they are all just really, really, really stereotypical cutouts written and drawn by men who have convinced themselves that they know how to convey the intricacies of the female condition in just a few panels of long legs, emaciated waistlines, and heaving, almost comical bustlines.

These three female creators, on the other hand, have decided to take these men to task by lampooning that which they have crafted. While perusing all the SFC goodness (and there is hopefully more to come), remember: under all those boy shorts and plunging neckline tops, these women hurt just like the rest of us.

And yet it cuts like a knife

Strong Female Characters, Kate Beaton – Hark A Vagrant


Digital Strips Episode 231 – Review – Yellow Peril w/ Guest Co-Host Rosscott

Co-Host Month rolls on in Steve’s absence with a creator I’ve actually met, face-to-face, mano a mano. Rosscott is responsible for those hilarious play-on-word strips you’ve seen over at The System, featuring characters that hail from such renowned places as The Door to the Bathroom and Just Outside the Bathroom.

As I found out in our first interview segment, he also helped create the growing comics phenomenon known as Super Art Fight (13:50). Part pro wrestling (sports entertainment?), part artist’s studio, this battle sounds intense, hilarious, and most of all, ridiculously fun. Head over to SAF’s YouTube page for just a small taste of the raucous, inventive experience that awaits you.

With SAF at his disposal, Rosscott has encountered many names in the world of comics, making the list of name drops in that first segment quite long, but entirely worth mentioning:

Things take a turn for the dirty, but in name only, as we break with The Missionary Position’s “The Big Sleep” (21:00). In the second review segment, we take a look at a comic that Rosscott himself brought to our attention:

This comic plays exaggeration into the genre of journal comics pretty well and creates an atmosphere that is instantly familiar to all Northeastern dwellers and graphic designers alike. To the rest of us, it’s just a humorous, fun romp through what may or may not be a true person’s story. Either way, I enjoyed getting to know Kane (pronounced kah-nay, so you know he’s not a girl, apparently) and the gang and I think you will, too. Another comic mentioned in our critique:


NEWW 2 (New England Webcomics Weekend, Numero Dos) Is Coming!

Having enthusiastically attended last year’s NEWW, I can wholeheartedly recommend you join everyone else in webcomics in buying your ticket to this year’s event, being held in Easthampton, MA the weekend of November 6th. Wanna know the official details? Then read on!

In order to attend NEWW 2, you will need to have a ticket. Buying tickets online will guarantee that you’re a part of this event, even if we fill to capacity. Tickets will go on sale this Thursday, August 26th, at 12:00 PM EST. You’ll be able to grab a weekend pass, an individual day pass, or a special VIP Pass which will include some exclusive goodies. See you then!