Strong Female Characters Is The Best Heroine-Starring Comic Of The Last Millenium

As a long-time reader of male-centered superhero comics, I found it to be a personal affront to stomach the commentary at play in the Beaton/Gran/Monardo joint, Strong Female Characters. Hardest to swallow is the fact that, regardless of the skintight leather and fishnet tights these bomb-blasting bombshells don whenever a crime is perpetrated, underneath they are all just really, really, really stereotypical cutouts written and drawn by men who have convinced themselves that they know how to convey the intricacies of the female condition in just a few panels of long legs, emaciated waistlines, and heaving, almost comical bustlines.

These three female creators, on the other hand, have decided to take these men to task by lampooning that which they have crafted. While perusing all the SFC goodness (and there is hopefully more to come), remember: under all those boy shorts and plunging neckline tops, these women hurt just like the rest of us.

And yet it cuts like a knife

Strong Female Characters, Kate Beaton – Hark A Vagrant


Bid Now On Webcomics Artwork To ~BENEFIT~ The Gulf Oil Spill Recovery Effort

In the spirit of the Guigar-organized Webcomics Telethon for Katrina all those years ago, Carly Monardo has whipped up a webcomics auction to benefit the Gulf Oil Recovery Effort, with all proceeds going to The Colbert Nation Gulf of America Fund. Various webcomics types, including David Malki!, Kate Beaton, Chris Hastings, Jon Rosenberg, and many more, are all on hand to donate their hard work to go towards an even greater undertaking.

Drop by, see what you like, and put down your money to start making a dent in this blemish on our beautiful, green Earth.