Help These Scurvy Dogs (as mentioned on Digital Strips Episode 251)

Do you love webcomics? Do you love board games? Do you love funding Kickstarter projects? Then you’re probably one of the 13 people who have already contributed to seeing this game through to completion.

Dern and O (only in webcomics, right?) of Hello With Cheese have decided to create a pirate board and card game called Scurvy Dogs and they’ve taken to the now ubiquitous funding brand for help. They’re even bringing along friends Jamie Noguchi (Yellow Peril) and Lar DeSouza (Least I Could Do, Looking For Group) to help illustrate the whole thing. It all sounds like a promising project and one I’m very interested in purchasing when/if it’s funded.

So stop by the KS site and give what you can!


Digital Strips Episode 231 – Review – Yellow Peril w/ Guest Co-Host Rosscott

Co-Host Month rolls on in Steve’s absence with a creator I’ve actually met, face-to-face, mano a mano. Rosscott is responsible for those hilarious play-on-word strips you’ve seen over at The System, featuring characters that hail from such renowned places as The Door to the Bathroom and Just Outside the Bathroom.

As I found out in our first interview segment, he also helped create the growing comics phenomenon known as Super Art Fight (13:50). Part pro wrestling (sports entertainment?), part artist’s studio, this battle sounds intense, hilarious, and most of all, ridiculously fun. Head over to SAF’s YouTube page for just a small taste of the raucous, inventive experience that awaits you.

With SAF at his disposal, Rosscott has encountered many names in the world of comics, making the list of name drops in that first segment quite long, but entirely worth mentioning:

Things take a turn for the dirty, but in name only, as we break with The Missionary Position’s “The Big Sleep” (21:00). In the second review segment, we take a look at a comic that Rosscott himself brought to our attention:

This comic plays exaggeration into the genre of journal comics pretty well and creates an atmosphere that is instantly familiar to all Northeastern dwellers and graphic designers alike. To the rest of us, it’s just a humorous, fun romp through what may or may not be a true person’s story. Either way, I enjoyed getting to know Kane (pronounced kah-nay, so you know he’s not a girl, apparently) and the gang and I think you will, too. Another comic mentioned in our critique: