Lovecraft Is Missing Book 5 Begins September 2nd

I have watched TV shows for so long that the concept of seasonly delivered content is nothing new to me. And if comics want to be thought of in that same manner, so be it. I consume so much content online that I am never left wanting for something to read, watch, or experience. Combine that with the fact that Lovecraft Is Missing, the terrific occult suspense webcomic from Larry Latham, is returning next Friday after a summer hiatus and I have no reason not to shout this information from the rooftops.

Sure, Larry was kind enough to set this date in stone the moment the previous “season” ended, but time is a harsh mistress in the world of the Web so consider this your official reminder. The full rundown of what’s in store, straight from Larry himself, can be found below the image.

The mysteries begin to unfold as Nan Mercy, Win Battler and Father Munsford Jackey delve deeper into the disappearance of an obscure pulp fiction writer in 1926. Cosmic horror and pulse-pounding adventure swirl around the multiple factions moving towards an as-yet unknown goal, with the only certainty being that the result is not in the best interests of humanity. Is Lovecraft the key to defeating the evil, or is he merely a pawn in a larger game that somehow centers around his creations? Or is there a more terrible truth waiting to be uncovered?


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