Saturday Shoutout — Sheldon Comics ‘Pop Culture’ Kickstarter

Hey Digital Strippers, it’s the Average Joe here!

We at Digital strips know you all follow a LOT of webcomics. Besides the ones that Steve and Jason bring us every week on the podcast, there’s the old favourites we cling to dearly year after year, and the newest, most exciting thing we find crossing our social media feed every day.

So, it’s easy for us to let our schedule of checking in on some of those favourites slip every now and then.

The problem is, sometimes that means we’re going to be away for some big announcements. Often that’s okay, as we can always dive back through the archives and catch up. But sometimes those things we miss have some very specific deadlines — like Kickstarter drives, limited print runs, personal appearances or other short-term opportunities.

We don’t want you to miss out, so we’re starting a new segment on the blog called the ‘Saturday Shoutout’. Each week, we’ll be featuring something that’s going on in the webcomics world with a deadline you’re not going to want to miss. And with the whole weekend ahead of you, there’s no better time to cruise on over and take advantage of the opportunity!

Starting off the series, we have Dave Kellett’s ‘Pop Culture’ Kickstarter!

Pop Culture is, quite simply, a compilation of the best pop-culture-related strips to have featured in Sheldon Comics over the past… oh God, eighteen years? I’m sure after all that time, most of you know Sheldon comics and the (mis)adventures of billionaire ten-year-old Sheldon, his Gramps, his talking duck Arthur (look, webcomics used to need animal mascots, don’t judge), Arthur’s son Flaco and the family’s delightfully stupid pug dog Oso. You might be more familiar with Kellett’s work over the past few years through his ‘Anatomy of…’ series or his excellent sci-fi comic Drive.

Whether it’s Vulcan party planners, Bat Pugs, Wizard Ducks or Super Lizards, this collection is sure to have something to tickle your funny bone. It’s already funded, so you can be sure of delivery, but you’ll have to get in before the 17th May 2019 to secure your copy!

So go snap up the latest offering by one of the grandfathers of webcomics while the links are still hot!


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