Digital Strips Podcast 306 – Horizons Watch – Disappointing Monsters and Space Mullet

With the end of the year looming over us like some sort of freaky cartoon owl, we realized we’ve been very negligent of out Horizon Watching responsibilities.

So we’re going out in style with two more brand new comics. Or brand new to us anyway, and hopefully for you too. We start out in the horror comedy end of the spectrum with Disappointing Monsters, a gag-a-rific look at zombies, Chathulu and David Lynch. We then jump into pure sci-fi with Space Mullet, easily my winner for best new comic name of 2012.

We also do what everyone has used the internet since Al gore crapped HTTP out his butt, talked about funny videos we’ve seen. Which leads into the most cultural conversation we’ve had in months. Don’t worry, we end up talking about Rob Schieder pretty soon after so it evens out.

We have another instantly regrettable musical numbers Digital Strips is so famous for.

We talk about what we’ve been reading and how apparently Jason’s been reading every comic he’s ever heard of. We talk about proper attribution and proper not stealing peoples stuff-ness and about how Mark Zuckerberg is responsible for so much evil.

Finally we solve the world’s capcha problem. You’re welcome.

Show Notes:
Animals being dicks 2:45
Next Town Over 6:45
Blue Yonder 7:00
The Trouble and Dangerous 7:15
Broodhollow 8:45
Skull shaped Heart 9:45
I am Arg 24:15
Shiver Bureau 27:00

Music thanks to Zoned


5 thoughts on “Digital Strips Podcast 306 – Horizons Watch – Disappointing Monsters and Space Mullet

  1. Walt: People don’t get any more heard than you are.

    Dan: Glad you liked the review, keep up the great work. Can’t wait to read more.

  2. Hey guys,
    Just found the show. It’s a lot of fun. I wouldn’t have found these comics otherwise so you definitely have a new listener out of me. I have a lot of catching up to do.
    My only disagreement is that I dig the mustache.

    Also, since this is my first post, I’ll just plug my comic, Hominids. Enjoy! Thanks.

  3. Hey Jordan, thanks for stopping by and for the plug, I’ll have to check it out.

    And remember, you disagree with Jason. I agree the mustache was fantastic.

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