F@NB0Y$ Returns ~WITH~ The Best E3 Strip You’re Likely To See

It’s been nearly a year since the last F@NB0Y$ comic (do not miss having to write that title) was posted, leaving many to forget about Scott Dewitt’s hilarious, amazingly drawn gaming comic. His humor was perfectly sharp, with a razor’s edge that spared no genre or creator, and until this latest strip went live, I’d all but forgotten about just how much I missed it.

You think this is funny? Check out the image link for the full joke!

The recent E3 show provided the perfect opportunity for Scott to flex his gaming parody muscles once again and “Our Dysfunctional E3 Families” proves that few can do it better than he. Welcome back, Scott! I know I can speak for gamers everywhere when I say I hope you stick around for a while.


Digital Strips 203 – Review: The Bean

Betcha you thought we had pod-faded huh? No such luck for the enemies of awesome, Digital Strips is still around and kickin’ strong. Just kickin’ a little bit later in the day this week. This show was one of the toughest ever for us to get done, so I’m just glad it’s over with, please judge us kindly.

We start out the show talking about sports of all things. A rare and elusive topic on the plains of Digital Strips to be sure. Then we move into some new comics that are appearing around the Web. Then Jason explains all the new content that has been appearing on the site.

Finally we get down to brass tacks, and the tacks of brass for this week is The Bean by Travis Hanson. This is finally living proof that we do read our email and sometimes respond to it as it was a comic sent to us by the creator. It met my standards and we ran with it. Who knows, it may happen again so please, keep sending us suggestions.

The Bean is a black and white fantasy tale full of adventure, history and weird little critters in the back ground. We take a look and see just how well all these things come together and how good a comic they really make. We all know what fantasy comics are a dime a dozen these days, so we talk a lot about was is necessary to stand out.

Please join us, both in listening to the show but in the conversation about the strip. There is a comments section just below me, please use it.

Show Notes:
Scenes from the Multiverse
Ugly Hill
Not Invented Here
Issac Splode
Least I could Do
Looking for Group
Merideth Gran
Evil Inc
One Swoop Fell
Order of Tales


Tweet Thread of the Day ~FOR~ Thursday, June 24, 2010

KC Green, like everybody else in the world, decided to try and get himself a fancy new iPhone 4 (despite the issues that people seem to be having with the miraculous device). The following thread is an account of this experience:

choadmalma i went out to get a new iphone but instead they gave me 4 chocolate bars wrapped together. #andiatethem#chomp 23 minutes ago via TweetDeck

so instead I went for a mac mini and that turned out to be a block of cheese! 21 minutes ago via TweetDeck

Then I realized I was at the grocery store. What a day! #phew 21 minutes ago via TweetDeck

http://twitpic.com/1zlf0q – okay finally! I got the new iphone! How do I dial out? 5 minutes ago via TweetDeck

Yeah, I could see the confusion. Also, just as tasty as Apple hardware.


Win Original Snowflakes Art ~BY~ Winning a Poster Posting Contest

Nearly any art is worth entering a free contest to win, especially when that art is original work and includes a signed print of that same work. And when it’s presented by the fellas behind Snowflakes (namely, Chris Jones, Zach Weiner, and James Ashby)? Well then it’s just a no-brainer. Click here for the details and be as creative with your entry as these guys are with their work!

Be creative with where and how you share this poster and it could be yours! Signed, of course.


Tweet Thread of the Day ~FOR~ Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Being nearly the last comic publisher to jump on the digital bandwagon (unless you count Zuda, which only gets a half-pass from me considering they still use Flash for their viewing model), DC Comics quietly released their app for the iPhone and iTouch this morning. Twitter followers quickly leached onto this and retweeted the news into oblivion:

comiXology DC Comics now available on our app and site and DC’s app! 17 minutes ago via TweetDeck Retweeted by DavidGallaher and 1 other

Making his first appearance on TTotD, KC Green lets us all know that we can now begin giving him our money so he can make the latest collection of his ridiculously amusing comic, Gun Show:

choadmalma Gunshow vol2 is basically ready to print. Preorder now http://gunshowcomic.com/vol2/ so we can finish the funding on this thing and print! 18 minutes ago via TweetDeck

No stranger to the list at this point, Paul Southworth has yet another project to tell us about, this time in the video game space:

Southworth Risk: Factions is out on XBLA today! I provided character inspiration and designed the logo! Come on, Riskies: BUY IT http://bit.ly/cNiWGb 15 minutes ago via Seesmic Web


Tweet Thread of the Day ~FOR~ Monday, June 21, 2010

It was a busy Monday in Twitterville, so let’s get started! Kicking things off, it looks like Kate Beaton has another comic in the New Yorker. It features “tiny fat ponies” and is thus the most important thing you will read today.

beatonna good morning! our second cartoon was published in this week’s (june 28th issue) new yorker: http://tinyurl.com/2ve2o29 about 1 hour ago via web

beatonna give them a hundred cartoons, they choose one with tiny fat ponies. about 1 hour ago via web

Southworth @beatonna OMG you got that pony into the *** damn New Yorker! about 1 hour ago via Seesmic Web in reply to beatonna

beatonna @Southworth hahahahah about 1 hour ago via web in reply to Southworth

Up next, Kris Straub and Scott Kurtz have decided to start another podcast series, with this go ’round being a simple morning show wherein they discuss… well, pretty much anything and everything. Tune in live and your question/topic could be next!

pvponline Listen to Kris and I do a dry run of our new podcast, “The Morning After.” It’s audio only and it’s happening NOW. http://bit.ly/9pybIq 9 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone

Another fine find comes to us courtesy of Paul Southworth, this time in the form of the next great something from Jon Rosenberg, formerly of Goats. You’ll recall that Jon recently stepped away from that comic in favor of something more commercially accessible. This is that comic.

Southworth Get in on the ground floor of @jonrosenberg‘s great new comic, “Scenes from a Multiverse”, starting today! http://bit.ly/apeVbC Retweet! 5 minutes ago via Seesmic Web

And last but absolutely not least, Meredith Gran grants us a peek into the beginning of a very long, but infinitely satisfying process that she is currently going through.

granulac BEGIN http://yfrog.com/j6pn6gj 3 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone


Tweet Thread of the Day ~FOR~ Friday, June 18, 2010

When you tweet a lot, you’re more likely to be our Tweet Thread of the Day. When you actually tweet quality topics, such as lunch choices and beard updates, you’re nearly guaranteed this honor. So it goes with Paul Southworth, who now adds another comic to his catalog with Isaac Splode. I’ll let the thread do the rest of the ‘splainin.

Southworth There’s a new “Isaac Splode” today, as well as a slight format change: http://isaacsplode.tumblr.com/ about 1 hour ago via Seesmic Web

I figured stacking the panels 2 x 2 instead of 4 in a row would make them easier to read in the Tumblr format. about 1 hour ago via Seesmic Web

Hollywood pitch for Isaac Splode: It’s like “Ghostbusters”, “Men in Black” and “Hitman” had a three-way love child and kicked it into a wall 35 minutes ago via Seesmic Web


Tweet Thread of the Day ~FOR~ Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Nothing to plug that I saw on Wednesday (but of course, if you have something to talk about, leave your Twitter feed in the comments and I’ll add it to my list) but there was something nice to ponder from Evan Dahm late that night:

evndahm listening to classical music while drawing makes me feel like i am drawing the most important thing in the world 7:10 AM Jun 17th via web from Asheville, NC

If you’ve seen Dahm’s work, you know that this isn’t hyperbole.


Tweet Thread of the Day ~FOR~ Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The tweet below is pretty self-explanatory and to answer your question, Evan, I got you the first Google image search result for “happy birthday”. Enjoy and to the rest of you, go check out Pajama Forest, the most expressive, adorably zany semi-journal comic on the Web!

EvanDiaz Did you guys know that today, Pajama Forest is 1 year old! Happy Birthday to MEEEE 😀 (what did you get me?) about 1 hour ago via TweetDeck

Happy Birthday, Pajama Forest, from Underpants… Christmas Time? Homer Simpson!


Voorwerp, E.K. Weaver, Class, and Crackdown 2

Once again the Inbox is flooded and my life is keeping me from getting you the juicy news on time. Painting your place can take forever if you’re not taking time off. Guess that’s why I’m giving it until the end of August to do everything.

Found this Voorwerp project going on. In the summer of 2007, a young Hanny van Arkel was classifying galaxies for the Galaxy Zoo project when she saw a strange colored blob of gas. ”What is the stuff?” Her simple question started her and a global team of astronomers on an adventure of discovery that would take them around the world and even into orbit. Beyond simply dates and data, a proper story needs a story teller to weave the content into something compelling to read. This is where you come in. This project wants to take the facts and figures of finding the Voorwerp, and in collaboration with a community of writers, create a webcomic.

Every once in awhile we come across a new webcomic (The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal) that shouts to be notice. I haven’t had a chance to read through the strip but I did scan the art, and I was truly impressed. I haven’t seen a comic this well illustrated since Templar, Arizona. How did I come across it? An interview with it’s creator E.K. Weaver. The interview doesn’t do more than give talking points but it’s nice to know one can create beautiful art with a simple mechanical pencil.

I completely dropped the ball on this one but it needs to mentioned. Back on June 6th the Brooklyn Artists Gym offered a Webcomic Class. It was on June 6th, enter the ever-expanding world of webcomics. Bring your vision to this one-day workshop and create a one- to two-page comic designed to go online. You will learn the history of this complex new genre, plus the tools and tips to get your comics seen by the biggest audience in the world.

In this ongoing series of one day workshops, writer Zane Grant and artist Deepak Ananthapadmanabha (I actually think I worked with this guy…) gave a crash course in the world of graphic novels. I don’t know if this is a series of workshops or all in the three hour 2-5pm time slot. It was supposed to focus on graphic fiction: hero books, autobiography, novels, cartoons, webcomics, etc. Learning how to think in terms of sequential art, plan artwork, and weave a compelling narrative into the images. Touch on pitching work to publishers, and discuss what it means to be a professional cartoonist. Wonder what the results were?

My alerts have been buzzing about this new ‘web comic‘ from G4 about Crackdown 2. First, how in the world are these webcomics? It’s a video! and there’s not a still frame anywhere. Second, they’re awful. They’re basically delivered in the form of service announcements to the ‘people’ still living in the Crackdown world. Reminiscent of WWII commercials, except with this snarky deep voice narrating. I think If I had to imagine how to spend the most amount money to create the worst product possible, this would be it.