Digital Strips 203 – Review: The Bean

Betcha you thought we had pod-faded huh? No such luck for the enemies of awesome, Digital Strips is still around and kickin’ strong. Just kickin’ a little bit later in the day this week. This show was one of the toughest ever for us to get done, so I’m just glad it’s over with, please judge us kindly.

We start out the show talking about sports of all things. A rare and elusive topic on the plains of Digital Strips to be sure. Then we move into some new comics that are appearing around the Web. Then Jason explains all the new content that has been appearing on the site.

Finally we get down to brass tacks, and the tacks of brass for this week is The Bean by Travis Hanson. This is finally living proof that we do read our email and sometimes respond to it as it was a comic sent to us by the creator. It met my standards and we ran with it. Who knows, it may happen again so please, keep sending us suggestions.

The Bean is a black and white fantasy tale full of adventure, history and weird little critters in the back ground. We take a look and see just how well all these things come together and how good a comic they really make. We all know what fantasy comics are a dime a dozen these days, so we talk a lot about was is necessary to stand out.

Please join us, both in listening to the show but in the conversation about the strip. There is a comments section just below me, please use it.

Show Notes:
Scenes from the Multiverse
Ugly Hill
Not Invented Here
Issac Splode
Least I could Do
Looking for Group
Merideth Gran
Evil Inc
One Swoop Fell
Order of Tales


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