Nintendo Fan Art Is NEVER A Bad Thing

Following so many folks via social media turns up some great finds from time to time, and this one, via the Tiny Cartridge Tumblr blog (billed as “… Pretty Much The Best Nintendo DS Site Ever”), is a great example of this. A site featuring the work of Zac Gorman has been unearthed by these NDS experts and it is something.

Click after the jump for an example of the Kate Beaton-esque fan art on offer from Gorman and check out the entire site (and bookmark it, as I have already done) for even more amazing, hilarious depictions of your favorite Nintendo-branded characters.

Why won't you stay down?


GOOD NEWS: Evan Dahm Continues To Do More Things

With Order of Tales wrapped and ready to be immortalized in print form for all eternity, fans of the master of all things epic and eccentric wondered when they might next see his work gracing the pages of their Internets. Thankfully, Dahm is taking no time off and his next tale from Overside, Vattu, has already begun. The archive is only seven pages deep thus far, so get in while its young and for heaven’s sake, if you haven’t read the previous works, get to that right now!

Not only is Dahm not stopping, he’s teaming up with Templar, AZ‘s Spike (the subject of our next Book Club, by the way) to create a Tumblr page dedicated to whatever the heck they might come up with together. I fully expect bizarre, hauntingly beautiful images from this thing daily, people, so bookmark it for your daily fix of the mythic and macabre.


Tweet Thread of the Day ~FOR~ Friday, June 18, 2010

When you tweet a lot, you’re more likely to be our Tweet Thread of the Day. When you actually tweet quality topics, such as lunch choices and beard updates, you’re nearly guaranteed this honor. So it goes with Paul Southworth, who now adds another comic to his catalog with Isaac Splode. I’ll let the thread do the rest of the ‘splainin.

Southworth There’s a new “Isaac Splode” today, as well as a slight format change: about 1 hour ago via Seesmic Web

I figured stacking the panels 2 x 2 instead of 4 in a row would make them easier to read in the Tumblr format. about 1 hour ago via Seesmic Web

Hollywood pitch for Isaac Splode: It’s like “Ghostbusters”, “Men in Black” and “Hitman” had a three-way love child and kicked it into a wall 35 minutes ago via Seesmic Web