I’m Game Episode 3: Everything Is A Murder Puzzle

An NES game has trouble booting up, resulting in a screen full of garbled pixelsWe start by expressing our feelings on why maybe switching back to cartridges might not be all that bad before deciding we’d rather rant about both millennials and the word “millennials”. Then, we theorize about where exactly the new Wiimote will have to go before talking about DOOM and all the murder, puzzles, and murder puzzle it entails. Then, it’s time for more MR. ROBOT game talk as well a prostitutes, alleys, and Pizza Hut.


Nintendo Fan Art Is NEVER A Bad Thing

Following so many folks via social media turns up some great finds from time to time, and this one, via the Tiny Cartridge Tumblr blog (billed as “… Pretty Much The Best Nintendo DS Site Ever”), is a great example of this. A site featuring the work of Zac Gorman has been unearthed by these NDS experts and it is something.

Click after the jump for an example of the Kate Beaton-esque fan art on offer from Gorman and check out the entire site (and bookmark it, as I have already done) for even more amazing, hilarious depictions of your favorite Nintendo-branded characters.

Why won't you stay down?