I’m Game Episode 5: The Halcyon Patreon Dungeon

Bi-curious comic from EatThatToast.com

(Image accompanying this post above provided by Eat That Toast, a comic you should totally check out!)

What’ll it take to make Jason pay for a Patreon? A cool Irish name. What’ll it take for Steve to get excited to go to space? A spike-covered dark god who needs killing. What’ll it take for Jason to brave the darkest of all possible dungeons? Putting it on his Vita. What’ll it take for Steve to finally appreciate his family? Turning on permadeath.


I’m Game Episode 4: Daddy Can’t Open His Own Chest

Martha Stewart and a robot butlerWe start off with the newest Mario game coming straight to a device probably currently in your pocket, then try to figure out who the new half generation of consoles is for. After that we learn that Steve used to think robots were normal and that his kids try to win his love by opening chests. By the way, Jason killed all the Pokemon.


I’m Game Episode 3: Everything Is A Murder Puzzle

An NES game has trouble booting up, resulting in a screen full of garbled pixelsWe start by expressing our feelings on why maybe switching back to cartridges might not be all that bad before deciding we’d rather rant about both millennials and the word “millennials”. Then, we theorize about where exactly the new Wiimote will have to go before talking about DOOM and all the murder, puzzles, and murder puzzle it entails. Then, it’s time for more MR. ROBOT game talk as well a prostitutes, alleys, and Pizza Hut.


I’m Game Episode 2: Kim Jong-un, Best Jong-un

Pokemon Uranium, a fan-made version of the popular Nintendo franchiseJason is freaking himself out with the MR. ROBOT game, Steve bonds with his son over the fan project, Pokemon Uranium, and Owlboy is finally out, so he’s looking into that as well. GAME ON!


I’m Game Episode 1: FOMOuntain Dew 4 Lyfe

Geoff Keighley, flanked by Mountain Dew and Doritos branding prior to the release of Halo 4We’ve mined our brains to craft this video games podcast just for you! We start this first episode with a very laid back discussion of No Man’s Sky and how it really makes us wish there were more Lakitus in the world. Then, it’s on to Titanfall 2 and the future of branding in video games. If you’re craving buffalo wings and sugary soda after you listen, we’ve done our job well.

Music for this episode is “Breathe” by Glude, provided by No Copyright Sounds.