I’m Game Episode 5: The Halcyon Patreon Dungeon

Bi-curious comic from EatThatToast.com

(Image accompanying this post above provided by Eat That Toast, a comic you should totally check out!)

What’ll it take to make Jason pay for a Patreon? A cool Irish name. What’ll it take for Steve to get excited to go to space? A spike-covered dark god who needs killing. What’ll it take for Jason to brave the darkest of all possible dungeons? Putting it on his Vita. What’ll it take for Steve to finally appreciate his family? Turning on permadeath.


Episode 431: The World Weird Web of Wonderful Worldness

Snow plows stuck on one another in Richmond, VA during Winter Storm JonasDo you watch television, cordcutter or no? Do you enjoy video games? If the answer to both of those questions is no, you can probably skip the first segment, where Steve and Jason talk about Darkest Dungeon, The Grinder, Telenovela, and the battle between vocal powerhouses Kristen Chenoweth and Josh Groban. Come back for the second segment though, for a chat about Emily Carroll’s newest creepfest, Star Wars: Episode 7.5, It’s The Tie, and Cassiopeia Quinn. Stick around after the outro for some real talk about snow plows and how they are ruining the American family.