Episode 431: The World Weird Web of Wonderful Worldness

Snow plows stuck on one another in Richmond, VA during Winter Storm JonasDo you watch television, cordcutter or no? Do you enjoy video games? If the answer to both of those questions is no, you can probably skip the first segment, where Steve and Jason talk about Darkest Dungeon, The Grinder, Telenovela, and the battle between vocal powerhouses Kristen Chenoweth and Josh Groban. Come back for the second segment though, for a chat about Emily Carroll’s newest creepfest, Star Wars: Episode 7.5, It’s The Tie, and Cassiopeia Quinn. Stick around after the outro for some real talk about snow plows and how they are ruining the American family.


Episode 388: Please Don’t Hit Me With That Chair, Please Don’t Hit Me Anywhere (Book Club feat. Schlock Mercenary – Vol. 4)

WWE Superstar Triple H in Blade 3What happens when you stretch out one work over many, many installments? You get something that may or may not be entertaining all the way through! That multiple-edged sword cuts so many ways. Before we dive into our fourth installment of the Schlock Mercenary Book Club, we take quick peeks at Emily Carroll’s All Along The Wall and Everblue by Michael Sexton. Enjoy the holidays and we’ll see you in 2015!

The midshow music is provided by nocopyrightsounds (I don’t know, ask Steve).


Episode 383: Almost Rivendell (Horizons Watch feat. The Din and Expecting To Fly)

Dairy Queen's Blizzard ice cream treatDid YOU go to Blizzcon? Neither did the guys, but it doesn’t stop them from talking about it for a bit! Jason also wraps up his Halloween-inspired picks with Emily Carroll’s When The Darkness Presses. Steve opts for lighter fare with Joe England’s Zebra Girl. Together, they then take a look at the horizons with Karin Rindevall’s The Din and John Allison’s Expecting To Fly. Listen up and take off!

Midshow music provided by Fragman (D.W.A.).


McCloud Demands Bigger Online Presence For “His Face All Red” Creator Carroll

In lieu of more talky-talky this week, we’ll try to bring you some news the old-school DS way, via short, succinct, savory blog posts. And what better way to kick off the week than with an amazing comic from a new face.

Scott McCloud, finder of all things amazing and new, blogs briefly about Emily Carroll, the creator behind the overnight success that is His Face All Red. Steve mentioned in our (now lost to the Interether) most recent episode that I probably recognized her name from combining poet Emily Dickinson and author Lewis Carroll, which is entirely possible. The entire comic, all ten, infinitely-canvassed pages of it, is incredibly haunting and does a great job of evoking that classic horror style in the vein of Edgar Allan Poe.

Do as the McCloud commands and demand a larger, more consolidated presence for this next up-and-coming webcomics star!