Shinney’s Shenanigans Show (feat. Sigler) Episode 17: Season’s Beatings

Honda's Asimo robot runs across stageSteve is concerned with the massive sex problem facing Japan and he wants to discuss it with Jason. He also brings robots into the mix, which, given the geographic setting, isn’t out of the question. Proving that Steve is making great choices, he also regails us with his tales of blood, sweat, and tears, and what his son’s reaction was to seeing them all in person.


I’m Game Episode 4: Daddy Can’t Open His Own Chest

Martha Stewart and a robot butlerWe start off with the newest Mario game coming straight to a device probably currently in your pocket, then try to figure out who the new half generation of consoles is for. After that we learn that Steve used to think robots were normal and that his kids try to win his love by opening chests. By the way, Jason killed all the Pokemon.


Digital Strips Podcast 305 – Review – The Petri Dish

I just realized that Digital Strips is basically James Bond. We’re cheesy. We follow the same formula each time. We’ve been around way longer than most people realize. We’ve had several different male sex-symbols take the lead role. We have a license. It isn’t to kill however, it’s to call out Web comics creators on their word bubbles.

This week we’re looking a new school Web comic with an old school feel, The Petri Dish by John Sutton. If you like your gag-a-day full of lots of robots and set up but without all that art or actual science in the way, then this may be the comic for you. I say may be because this is another episode full of arguments. Tune in to get both sides of the story.

We talk about James Bond, horrible people you can run into at the movies, jokes that don’t land and those that do, why people who don’t draw are lazy turds and how to end world guy-hunger. We also learn that on the rare occasions that I bring the pain, it’s because I have to poop. We argue about whether or not I’m saying nice things about this comic.

For the first time ever, we spend more time talking about about a comic’s JavaScript than it’s art.

For our middle music I finally found a song that speaks to me as a rare hick/geek, “Corn-fed Kong” by David Wise.

Not much in the way of show notes, but here’s what we got:

Poorly Drawn Lines
White Ninja
My Cardboard Life
My Milk Toof