F@NB0Y$ Returns ~WITH~ The Best E3 Strip You’re Likely To See

It’s been nearly a year since the last F@NB0Y$ comic (do not miss having to write that title) was posted, leaving many to forget about Scott Dewitt’s hilarious, amazingly drawn gaming comic. His humor was perfectly sharp, with a razor’s edge that spared no genre or creator, and until this latest strip went live, I’d all but forgotten about just how much I missed it.

You think this is funny? Check out the image link for the full joke!

The recent E3 show provided the perfect opportunity for Scott to flex his gaming parody muscles once again and “Our Dysfunctional E3 Families” proves that few can do it better than he. Welcome back, Scott! I know I can speak for gamers everywhere when I say I hope you stick around for a while.