Interview with Kristofer Straub and David Willis

Well you asked for it and here it is. In our past couple of Wednesday IRC chats ( 6667 #digitalstrips) some of our listeners have given us the brilliant idea of running a IRC chat at the same time as an interview so they can ask questions while the interview is going on. This does not mean the interview will be live or that you will hear us ask the questions but feel free to line up the questions for us to ask.

Our next interview will be with the talented Kristofer Straub (Checkerboard Nightmare and Starshift Crisis) and David Willis (Shortpacked! and Its Walky!) where we will of course find out what these artists think of the world of web comics and especially the introduction of Blank Label Comics. What does this web comic group mean for you and what are it’s plan for the future? So come one (we know we have at least one listener) or come all and ask your questions on Thursday June 2nd at 9pm EST in our IRC channel at CAD-Net.


Moving to “”

Ok folks, here we go. I think I have most of the files we’ll need set up for our move to our new domain. Over the next few days the site may be a mess here and there while I try to get it all sorted out, so please bare with is. From here on out you can find our site here:

  • All future posts will be found there and all our show updates will be over there too. Also, if you use a news client to subscribe to our blog or a podcast client to subscribe to our show the new RSS feeds can be found here.

    There may be a few growing pains for the first few days, but being able to expand into our own site and domain will be worth it. Here we go …


    When will everyone give up?

    Every year now there’s just another report telling us that all media is down in numbers. It doesn’t matter if it’s TV, books, newspapers, music industry, or the box office but they’re is always someone complaining. There’s always someone else to blame as well. For TV it’s supposedly reality TV and the internet, newspapers blame it on specialty magazines and the internet, while the music and movie industry blame it on piracy and the internet. Anyone else notice the trend here?

    For every complaint there’s the common thread of the internet destroying business as we know it. What’s so wrong about that? Is the world so scared of change that it refuses to see the obvious? The answer is yes, we’ve always been afraid to change and the coming domination of the internet is no exception. The real question is who will be the first to come up with a real business model for the internet. It may be micropayments, ad space, or simple donations but somewhere out there is at least one solution if not a thousand others.


    Peanuts has adults?

    I seem to be the only one who didn’t put two and two together but it’s obvious now. Charles Schulz’s strip Peanuts never had adults in it, NEVER. There were rumors about Schulz drawing some but even these mythical experimental prints are nearly impossible to find. Considering this to be the extent of my Peanuts knowledge I was surprised to find an auction for another print containing adults. The strip is a little charming following typical Schulz humor. Take a look and enjoy while the auction is still up.


    Now it’s Keenspace

    It looks like the whole Keen organization is having trouble. Last Thursday Kelly “STrRedWolf” Price stepped down temporarily as an admin for Keenspace. On the forums you can find Kelly’s post concerning his reasoning but basically it’s a lack of communication. Kelly has been an admin of the space for over 4 years now without contract or pay for the past year. Sounds like even though the Keen group may be superheroes in the web comics arena they still suffer from the same problems as in other strip.

    Let us hope the big four resolve the communication issues quickly before Kisai decides to take the her issues in the same direction.


    CBLDF continues to make a difference

    Up until a few months ago I had no idea who the CBLDF was. In my defense it wasn’t until then that they were really making a difference. For past month there has been on-going legal motions to defend retailer Gordon Lee of Legends in Rome, Georgia. Lee faces two counts for the felony of “Distribution of Material Depicting Nudity or Sexual Conduct” and five for the misdemeanors of “Distribution of Material Harmful to Minors”. The CBLDF has filed these motions to dismiss one of the felony counts and two misdemeanor counts based on the fact that they are charges claiming Continue reading


    Blank Label Comics

    For those who read tea leaves you had to see this coming. We were all witness to the Keenspot exodus and there were just too many great artists leaving at the same time for it to be a coincidence. Here it is: Blank Label Comics. Here we have six artists combining their 10 strips into a all-in-one wonder.

    Checkerboard Nightmare:
    Courting Disaster:
    Greystone Inn:
    It?s Walky:
    Continue reading


    Web Comics Growing in Widgets, Convenience or Robbery?

    If you’re a Mac user or a PC user with the program Konfabulator then you know what a “widget” is. For those of you who don’t know, a widget is a tiny program that can appear on your screen very quickly to perform it’s specific purpose, usually to inform you of the weather or stock prices.

    These widgets are written in JavaScript and can be created relatively easily. Recently there have been a few additions to the widget library that focus on web comics. Continue reading