Peanuts has adults?

I seem to be the only one who didn’t put two and two together but it’s obvious now. Charles Schulz’s strip Peanuts never had adults in it, NEVER. There were rumors about Schulz drawing some but even these mythical experimental prints are nearly impossible to find. Considering this to be the extent of my Peanuts knowledge I was surprised to find an auction for another print containing adults. The strip is a little charming following typical Schulz humor. Take a look and enjoy while the auction is still up.


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  1. Never say \”never\”… Charles Schulz actually did a four-part series of Sunday strips involving a golf tournament in 1954 that did show adults (only their legs and upper bodies, but it was the most Schulz ever hinted of their existence). I\’m looking at one of the strips now in the hardcover \”Peanuts: The Art of Charles M. Schulz\” book and while there are no page numbers, it\’s almost exactly midway through the book if you\’d like to take a glance at it. It\’s quite interesting.

    This strip, if you read the description, is NOT a Peanuts strip, but was simply drawn on one of Schulz\’s blank Peanuts strips… probably because he didn\’t see any use printing up all new blank panels just for a simple name change. It claims to be a strip called \”Hagemeyer,\” which was the last name of Margeret Hagemeyer, the wife of one of Schulz\’ friends. The name was also used a few times as the name of Linus\’ teacher in the Peanuts strip.

    I\’m still not completely convinced of it\’s authenticity, but I just wanted to clear up some of the confusion that would arise in calling this a \”Peanuts\” strip, when it isn\’t really claiming to be.

  2. It\’s worth noting that Schulz had another comic strip, the comic \”It\’s Only a Game\”, which was published in newspapers from 1957 to 1959. This single panel comic featured mostly adults and jokes about sports, but occasional Peanuts character cameos did appear.

  3. I knew remembered Hagemeyer from some where. Do you know more about this other strip? I wonder if Schulz was just experimenting or if this was the beginning of another strip which was never published.

  4. All I know about this strip is from the description of the auction, unfortunately… and a Google search yielded no other results.

    I was familiar with the \”It\’s Only A Game\” series of strips, and also of a series of one-panel strips he did featuring Christian teenagers (I don\’t remember it\’s name, or if it even had one… to my knowledge they were straight-to-paperback, but I know I have two or three of these lying around). It read sort of like a 60s/70s \”Zits\” except more \”Happy Days\” and more Christian elements thrown in.

    And of course, there\’s always \”L\’il Folks,\” the precursor to Peanuts that seems to have shown adults pretty frequently (with faces! Gasp!).

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