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For those who read tea leaves you had to see this coming. We were all witness to the Keenspot exodus and there were just too many great artists leaving at the same time for it to be a coincidence. Here it is: Blank Label Comics. Here we have six artists combining their 10 strips into a all-in-one wonder.

Checkerboard Nightmare:
Courting Disaster:
Greystone Inn:
It?s Walky:
Krazy Larry:
Starshift Crisis:
Ugly Hill:
Wapsi Square:

I haven’t seen a better list of comics since I came across Dayfree Press and Teh Gewd Guys. You can also see from the announcement that is exactly what they are aiming for. They make it clear that they are not competing with Keenspot or Modern Tales but are instead creating a merry band to support one another. Expect great things from these guys, I know we do.


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  1. Oh, you guys. Rocketbox was not a failed business venture. We just wanted a place to chit-chat about webcomics and help neophytes make their work better, and help them avoid falling into the \”I want to do another Mega Man adventure\” webcomics trap.

    It was supposed to be very lax in structure, but in the end it was too lax. But the articles we did live on at

    – Kristofer

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