DS 18: Review of Joe and Monkey, The Front, Young Alien Types, and Dominic Deegan

Digital Strips : Show 18 [13mb]

Show 18 is up and ready for your attention. This week’s contest entry comes to us from Josh Welling of Frozen Bagel Warfare

[ Click to see full image ]

We start off this week’s show with a mention of upcoming changes to the Digital Strips online presence. We got a real URL and domain hosting, so be sure to look for an upcoming post when I get the site all nice and ready for guests. Those of you using podcast aggregators take note, the show’s RSS feed will be changing location once we move to the new site. Also we mention this past week’s major geek events even though they have nothing to do with web comics.Our comic picks for this week are as follows:

  • Joe and Monkey by Zach Miller
  • The Front by Jerzy Drozd
  • Young Alien Types by Donny and Jim Newberry
  • Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire by Michael “Mookie” Terracciano
  • Don’t miss the IRC chat for this week. Come by our IRC chat room to talk about the show and this week’s picks. We’ll be online Wednesday night at 9:00 EST (New York City time). You can join us by pointing any IRC client to irc.cad-net.org on port 6667. Be sure to email us your feedback or to tell us about any comic you think we should know about.


    8 thoughts on “DS 18: Review of Joe and Monkey, The Front, Young Alien Types, and Dominic Deegan

    1. You\’re totally right, because Kids in the Hall invented jokes about anal-probing aliens.

    2. I believe the art reference that you were talking about while reviewing Joe and monkey is that of calvin and hobbes.

    3. I don\’t know what chibification is. This may be one of the contributing factors to my rocking-ness.

    4. Dearest Wade,

      Chibification is the act of becoming so much of an annoying anime fan, you turn into their pudgey little characters known as Chibi\’s. Hope that helps! 😉

      Josh \”I don\’t like anime very much\” Welling.

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