DS 19: Review of Theater Hopper, What Happens Next, Supermegatopia, and Konsekai

Digital Strips : Show 19 [13mb]
Today’s contest entry came to us from Peter Pendergast of the funny comic Dangerpest. Enjoy!

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On today’s show we discuss the new web site and new domain. We mention how we’d like to start offering advertising so we can finance trips to comic cons. We also announce that we are going to be at Connecticon next month.Our comic picks for this week are as follows:

  • Theatre Hopper by Tom Brazelton
  • What Happens Next by Billy Porter and Brad Porter
  • Supermegatopia by Brian and Stuart Burke
  • Konsekai: Swordwaltzer by Xero Reynolds
  • Remember to email us with any suggestions you might have of interesting comics on the web and we rely on feedback to make the show better. Send us email to let us know what you think.


    2 thoughts on “DS 19: Review of Theater Hopper, What Happens Next, Supermegatopia, and Konsekai

    1. There isn\’t just Supermegatopia on that site, there\’s also the comics of Crushed, and Meshworld. It\’s a furry comic, but I have seen *some* humans drawn by them. I\’ve also heard of SMT blue which is more a porn version of Supermegatopia

    2. Hey, I\’m really happy you guys covered Theater Hopper. Tom is my brother and is both incredibly talented and also probably the nicest man you could ever hope to meet. I\’m not kidding, either, the guy\’s amazing. So yeah, it was really cool to hear you guys give him some of the credit he deserves. Thanks!

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