Interview with Kristofer Straub and David Willis

Well you asked for it and here it is. In our past couple of Wednesday IRC chats ( 6667 #digitalstrips) some of our listeners have given us the brilliant idea of running a IRC chat at the same time as an interview so they can ask questions while the interview is going on. This does not mean the interview will be live or that you will hear us ask the questions but feel free to line up the questions for us to ask.

Our next interview will be with the talented Kristofer Straub (Checkerboard Nightmare and Starshift Crisis) and David Willis (Shortpacked! and Its Walky!) where we will of course find out what these artists think of the world of web comics and especially the introduction of Blank Label Comics. What does this web comic group mean for you and what are it’s plan for the future? So come one (we know we have at least one listener) or come all and ask your questions on Thursday June 2nd at 9pm EST in our IRC channel at CAD-Net.


4 thoughts on “Interview with Kristofer Straub and David Willis

  1. June 3rd is so a Friday. That\’s the last time I make a post while recovering from a fever. I\’ve made the correction, hopefully everyone card more that I said Thursday then June 3rd.

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