Hey gang. I know I rarely post news, but I have personal vested interest in this one, since I’m on the staff. Call it shameless self-promotion, call it what you will.

But the Clickwheel has relaunched.

Brand spankin’ new interface and exclusive content, including Judge Dredd. It’s worth a looksee for comics fans and iPod owners alike.


DS Con Interviews – Randy Milholland

Hey there hi there ho there, folks. We’ve got brand new video interviews for you from last weekend’s ConnectiCon. I was there on my lonesome with super special cameraman help from my good buddy Ross Nover of The Rockets and the future Erfworld spinoff comic known as “Parson’s Gaming Buddies.”

This year’s ConnectiCon was bigger and busier than ever, so the interviews are a tad shorter due to time constraints, but we did our best to grab more folks to speak with who you didn’t see from last year. That being said, here’s the first of nine video interviews with none other than Randy Milholland of Something Positive. Pleas enjoy.

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Digital Strips Livecast – Tonight!

We’ll be doing our second livecast tonight (March 14th) at 9:30PM Eastern. In this episode, we will discuss the merits (or possible demerits) of Chris Onstad’s Achewood. I love the strip, Daku hates it, and Brandon is afraid of it. It’ll be an interesting mixture of tastes here, so we look forward to you giving us your opinions on the matter. All you need to do is visit, download the free software, and call in with Skype or your own phone. See you there!


Digital Strips Livecast, this Wednesday!

Hey, folks. Just reminding y’all that we’ll be having ourselves our second Digital Strips Livecast this Wednesday the 14th at 9:30 Eastern. You can find it by clicking the link, and downloading the free software. Then, you just call in with Skype or your own phone. Simple enough, yes?

In said episode, we’ll be discussing Achewood, by Chris Onstad. It’ll be an interesting show, because I love it and Daku hates it. We’re looking to have a lot of varying opinions from callers to figure out what makes Achewood so damned interesting, or what makes it so damned awful, depending on who you are. Expect lots of heavy analysis and child-like name calling.

So. We’ll see you on Talkshoe, This Wednesday the 14th at 9:30 Eastern for the next Livecast!